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* Eurovision hopefuls sing to win
* BBC NEWS | UK | England | London | Crowds celebrate St Patrick’s…
* Sorry starry nights on RTÉ
* Psst, want to be on Dr Who ?
* The Diary
* Jamie Olivier Flavour Shaker
* BBC NEWS | Europe | Greece accused of illegal car seizures

Eurovision hopefuls sing to winBBC News
Antony Costa, who used to be in Blue, and ex-Hear’Say singer Kym Marsh will both be trying to win the public vote on the BBC1 show Making Your Mind Up. The other acts are singer-songwriter Goran Kay, male vocal harmony group Four Story, girl duo City Chix, and male singer Daz Sampson. The Eurovision Song Contest takes place in Athens, Greece, on 20 May.

BBC NEWS | UK | England | London | Crowds celebrate St Patrick’s…BBC News
Both Prime Minister Tony Blair and Irish Taoiseach Bertie Ahern praised the event, which recognises London’s large Irish community – a third of Irish people in Britain live in London. London mayor Ken Livingstone told BBC London: “It’s a great day out. “It’s not just St Patrick’s Day, we celebrated Russian New Year in January, Chinese New Year and this year, for the first time, we will celebrate the Muslim festival of Eid in Trafalgar Square. “We have got such a great city because people get on so well and we want to enjoy all the parties that we can have.

Sorry starry nights on RTÉIrish Times
After that sentence, I’m sure you feel sorry for her already. The well-worn line about You’re a Star is that it’s an opportunity for overlooked musical talent to have its day. This year’s show handed the winner an array of recording, publishing and management contracts instead of the usual one-way ticket to feature amongst the Eurovision also-rans. One of the judges, Thomas Black, said that these prizes meant the show attracted “the best the country has to offer”. But it’s patent drivel to say that a prime-time TV show like this can unearth a great, untapped reservoir of musical talent. TV is about producing TV stars, hit shows and huge ratings, not finding and developing musical talent. You’re a Star is no exception, and it adheres to a strict format where the momentum is produced by contrived drama.

Psst, want to be on Dr Who ?Register
The new series also features Anthony Head, Maureen Lipman and Roger Lloyd-Pack. And some geezer called David Tennant. Another chancer with an upcoming star role is DJ Daz, minor internet celebrity and now the man most likely to come in the bottom five of Eurovision.

The DiarySofia Echo
Certainly, I have the attention of the staff throughout; I suspect it?s the foreign accent. Maybe it?s just me, but I sense their pulse rates oscillating depending on the price range of the goods I am examining. Saturday evening in, we watch as much of the Bulgarian round of Eurovision as anyone can reasonably stand. Will my fervent hopes that none of the more embarrassingly bad acts be sent to compete in Athens serve as proof of my bona fides in wanting Bulgarian citizenship?
SUNDAYWe foregather at Tabaco for J?s birthday party. Towards the end of the evening, over mulled wine, talk turns to corruption and whether or not ourselves or various foreigners we know have ever been asked for, or offered, a bribe. Do I simply not appear that wealthy, or is the problem exaggerated by urban legend? A theory is offered that Bulgarians actually are more vulnerable, because an official attempting to get a bribe out of a foreigner runs the theoretical risk of said foreigner phoning his well-placed and vociferous ambassador.

Jamie Olivier Flavour
F’dan il-programm niltaqghu ukoll mal-awtur Deo Grech. Mieghu nitkellmu dwar il-lirika interessanti ta’ “Echoes of Gaia” u ta’ diversi kanzunetti ohra popolari. Ma’ Deo ser nitkellmu ukoll dwar is-sehem tieghu Fl-OGAE (Malta eurovision fan club) u anke dwar kif hu jharres lejn ix-xena tal-muzika lokali. Fil-Programm ta’ din il-gimgha ma tonqosx “The ShoeMarket Personality Challenge”. din id-darba guvni iehor ser jidhol ghal din l-isfida.

BBC NEWS | Europe | Greece accused of illegal car seizuresBBC News
Alan, Warsaw, Poland

The Netherlands are very “hot” on the issue of none-Dutch cars, if you car is seen for a long period in a town, you can expect a visit from the Douane (Customs) many of my colleagues have been stopped and issued a warning after only 3 months in the Country. Andrew (The Netherlands), NL
Considering Greece as a top tourist destination and treating tourists visiting Greece like criminals is insane, what a “nice” Post-Card. Be aware that the Eurovision Song Contest is due to take place in Athens, DO NOT take your vehicle with you. Paulo Castro Garrido, Lisbon, Portugal
I own a Land Rover in Greece with USA Plates on it. I have been stopped by the police during my holiday one month visits and found that the border patrol units are something of a joke. On one occassion I stopped and when they asked for my vehicle registration papers, I gave them a take-out chinese menu that was in my glove box instead. They read it and gave it back to me saying, that all was in order.

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