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* National Harmony? Not in This Contest
* National Harmony? Not in This Contest
* Music Earns Black Hebrews Some Acceptance
* Lorenzo’s vote
* Independent Online Edition > Pandora
* Billy Joel’s America Boogies Into London in `Movin’ Out’
* Brian Kennedy for Kerry charity concert

National Harmony? Not in This ContestWashington Post
I am somewhat bitter because the contest, usually filled with fun, turned into something totally different, something that has nothing to do with music," he said. The Eurovision Song Contest, which debuted in 1956, was beset with controversy from the start. Swiss judges, replacing a pair from Luxembourg, tilted the vote toward — guess who? — the Swiss winner. In 1969, Austria refused to participate because Spain, then under the rule of Gen. Francisco Franco, was the host country. Four years ago, the manager of Germany’s entry was discovered buying up copies of the performer’s records to persuade all of Europe that she was a popular phenom… He has listed himself as a native of Nagorno-Karabakh, which Armenia wrested from neighboring Azerbaijan in the 1990s. Thousands of Azeris fled what is now an Armenian-controlled enclave deep inside Azerbaijan; the Azerbaijan government says that either Andre identify himself as from Azerbaijan or drop Nagorno-Karabakh from his biography. In any event, Eurovision in the Balkans seems to have had one uplifting outcome spanning the region’s ethnic divides. This year’s Bosnian entry, sung by Hari Mata Hari, a Muslim man born Hajrudin Varesanovic ("The Nightingale of Sarajevo"), was composed by Zeljko Joksimovic, Serbia’s Eurovision contestant in 2004.

National Harmony? Not in This ContestWashington Post
No Name’s members are all Montenegrins, while the rival Flamingos, below, have a Montenegrin and a Serb. Because of the dispute, the country withdrew from the contest. No Name’s members are all Montenegrins, while the rival Flamingos, below, have a Montenegrin and a Serb.

Music Earns Black Hebrews Some AcceptanceSan Francisco Chronicle
Eddie Butler has a Hebrew first name, Etan, lives in Tel Aviv and is studying to convert to traditional Judaism. “Ze Hazman,” the song that is taking him to Athens, is a pop ballad influenced by R&B, part English, part Hebrew. This will be his second Eurovision appearance; he and a brother were part of a larger Israeli group at the 1999 contest. “But this is really what I’ve been waiting for,” he says. “This time, I’ll be singing solo, and the stage is mine. This is my chance to do something for my country.

Lorenzo’s voteGuardian Unlimited
Losi has something of a head start, since he is president of an Italian association, Acli (which stands for the Christian Association of Italian Workers), and has been able to use its network during his campaign. He is running for a seat in the Senate, in the Europe constituency. This sprawls from Lisbon to Vladivostok, taking in Turkey and by a Eurovision-style quirk, Israel as well. It is the biggest constituency, with 2m registered voters. Though he has made it to party rallies in Cologne and Brussels as well as events nearer home, Losi is uncomfortable with the sheer size of his electorate. “Next time the senate shouldn’t be elected the way they’ve done it this time,” he says, at the Acli offices next to the ornately sculpted St Peter’s Italian church in Clerkenwell. “None of us is able to go all over the constituency and make ourselves known to the electorate.

Independent Online Edition > PandoraIndependent
“He never drove it all the time, and hopes to get away with just using it at weekends now he’s leader. Meanwhile, a Lib Dem spokesman was somewhat equivocal: “Ming has not got rid of his Jaguar yet, but heaven hoping, he may. * The Eurovision song contest has come a long way since the squeaky-clean days of Bucks Fizz. Britain’s entry in next month’s reprisal, the Liverpudlian rap artist Daz Sampson is reputed to have a (shall we say?) chequered past. “On Friday, I was at the recording of the video for his single, ‘Teenage Life’,” says a music industry source. “Daz is a colourful guy all right. In between takes, he was boasting about his various court appearances, and all the time he’s spent ‘inside’.

Billy Joel’s America Boogies Into London in `Movin’ Out’Bloomberg
Gomez, the best actor of them all, is touching as the smilinglaid-back guy who is irrevocably changed by war into a snarlingmisfit, as so many were and are. If all this weren't enough, above the stage on a metal gantry,is a smashing band who also sing backup. The group is led by ayoung Briton whose chief achievement so far has been representingthe U. in the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest. James Fox, singingevery number as the Piano Man himself, has turned into a star. He gives a tour de force of a performance, easily negotiatingthe singing and the playing of Joel's songs, which range in stylefrom classical to jazz to heavy metal to ballad to rock `n' roll.

Brian Kennedy for Kerry charity –
Kennedy, who will be bringing his own song ‘Every Song is A Cry for Love’ to Athens in May, will perform the concert in aid of Kerry Diocesan Youth Services. The organisation is a charity which exists to enable young people to gain for themselves, the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to meet their own and others’ developmental needs. Dance of Desire will perform their unique combination of classical, Celtic and theatrical dance on the night, with music and special effects. Tickets are available from the INEC in Killarney and at Ticketmaster outlets nationwide.

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