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Eurovision News Review:

* Eurovision entrant sparks outrage in sleepy Finland
* Brian Kennedy plays Dublin instore
* 419ers one digit short of a conspiracy theory
* Independent Online Edition > Europe
* Europe diary: Pop around Europe
* ABBA Star Ulvaeus Faces $11.8 Million Tax Demand From Sweden
* US: Rock Band Remains True To Armenian Roots
* Who will tell our stories once we’re gone?

Eurovision entrant sparks outrage in sleepy FinlandTaipei Times
Then critics called for President Tarja Halonen to use her constitutional powers to veto the band and nominate a traditional Finnish folk singer instead. Rumors even circulated that Lordi members were agents sent by Russian President Vladimir Putin to destabilize Finland ahead of a Russian coup — an explanation for why they refused to take off their freakish masks in public. The fury also spread in Greece, winner of last year’s Eurovision and therefore the host of this year’s contest, where an anti-Lordi movement called “Hellenes” urged the Finnish government “to say `no’ to this evil group. ” One young Finn calling himself “Suomi” (“Finland” in Finnish) wrote to a newspaper Web log saying, “If Lordi wins Eurovision, I am leaving the country. ”
The lead singer, Lordi — a former film student who goes by his real name, Tomi Putaansuu, when not wielding a blood-spurting electric chain saw — is philosophical about the uproar. The affair, Putaansuu says, has exposed the insecurity of a young country whose peculiar language is spoken by only 6 million people worldwide and whose sense of identity has been dented by being part of the Swedish kingdom and the Russian empire until gaining independence in 1917. Most Finns, he adds, would rather be known for Santa Claus than heavily made-up monster mutants… As he stuck out his tongue menacingly, his red demon eyes glaring, Lordi was surrounded by Kita, an alien-man-beast predator who plays flame-spitting drums inside a cage; Awa, a blood-splattered ghost who howls back-up vocals; Ox, a zombie bull who plays bass; and Amen, a mummy in a rubber loincloth who plays guitar. Dragging on a cigarette, Putaansuu added, “Finns nearly choked on their cereal when they realized we were the face Finland would be showing to the world. ”
Often derided as a showcase of kitsch, Eurovision is one of the most watched television programs in the world. It pits pop groups from all over Europe and the Middle East against one another, with the winner decided by popular vote by more than 600 million viewers. Warrior spirit
Not everyone in this Nordic country of 5 million views the monster squad as un-Finnish. Some Finns say Lordi is right at home and that the band’s use of flaming dragon-encrusted swords and exploding baby dolls expresses the warrior spirit of the Vikings. Alex Nieminen, a Finnish ad executive, says the band harks back to the Hakkapeliittas, the legendary Finnish cavalry unit that fought as part of the Swedish army in the 17th century.

Have you listened to any of this year’s contestants and do you have any favorites?Henrik MalinenSwedenDear Henrik,I have heard all 37 entries in this year’s contest, set to take place May 20 in Athens. I have also watched many of the national finals, where the countries that participate in Eurovision choose their song for the competition. The 51st Eurovision Song Contest should be an interesting one, with some well-known artists competing. Your country is sending one of its most popular female vocalists, Carola, who won Eurovision in 1991 with “Fångad Av en Stormvind.

Brian Kennedy plays Dublin –
He will be appearing at HMV on Grafton Street on Thursday 27 April at 6pm. The single ‘Every Song is a Cry for Love’ is released today, 21 April. Kennedy will compete in the Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Final in Athens on 18 May, in which 24 countries will compete for 10 places in the 20 May final. Both shows will be broadcast live on RT?… He will be appearing at HMV on Grafton Street on Thursday 27 April at 6pm. The single ‘Every Song is a Cry for Love’ is released today, 21 April. Kennedy will compete in the Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Final in Athens on 18 May, in which 24 countries will compete for 10 places in the 20 May final. Both shows will be broadcast live on RT?.

419ers one digit short of a conspiracy theoryRegister
1961 – The Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba ends in failure. 1971 – Charles Manson is sentenced to life in prison for the Sharon Tate murders. 1980 – In The Hague, Netherlands, Johnny Logan wins the twenty-fifth Eurovision Song Contest for Ireland singing What’s Another Year. 1993 – The 50-day siege of the Branch Davidian building outside Waco, Texas, USA, ends when a fire breaks out. Eighty-one people die. 1995 – Oklahoma City bombing: The Alfred P Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA, is bombed, killing 168. That’s right: the event, considered by many to be the blackest of the 20th century, took place on 19 April 1980, when Johnny Logan.

Independent Online Edition > EuropeIndependent
Serbia’s reluctance to hand over the indicted war criminal general Ratko Mladic gives some substance to the complaint. Without Mladic’s surrender, everybody accepts the State Union is not going to get closer to the EU. Meanwhile a bloodcurdling row over whether Serbs or Montenegrins should represent the State Union in the Eurovision Song Contest has raised tempers further. After a Serb audience booed the Montenegrin winners, No Name, off the stage in Belgrade, it was decided that no one would represent the country in Eurovision. But not everyone shares the independence line. On an afternoon in Podgorica, a procession of Serb Orthodox bishops, priests, nuns and lay people, some waving Serbian flags, parading unchallenged through the centre of the city – a powerful reminder of the size of the pro-Serbian party in Montenegro. At the centre of the commotion was the deceptively frail-looking Bishop of Montenegro, Amfilohija, a saint in the eyes of the pro-Serbian camp and “Satan” – as one man put it – in the eyes of the rest.

Europe diary: Pop around EuropeBBC News
I think the best might be to ask people of their favourites in their country, and you might get something better than the top selling singles. And please, don’t say “Europe” as if it was one homogenous country, there is no such thing as “European music”. And you don’t watch the Eurovision song contest for the music, it is just fun, besides, the UK seldom send anything good there either. Anna, Bradford UK
Zucchero, Eros Ramazzotti, Lacuna Coil, Cibo Matto and Alexia from Italy. There is also Rammstein from Germany, pioneers of ‘Dance Metal’ as they call it. One of the most influential bands around, with many bands from around the world trying to reproduce it in some way. Europe has a lot to offer in the way of music… David Bowie has recorded Brel, but the most notable interpreters in English are probably Scott Walker and Marc Almond. And don’t forget that the horrible ‘Seasons In The Sun’ (as recorded by Terry Jacks and Westlife) is a translation of a Brel tune. Tim Footman, Bangkok, Thailand
Don’t forget Rammstein, Germany’s finest musical export since Kraftwerk, and what about Finland’s Lordi? Soon to appear on the Eurovision song contest I am hoping that for once the people of Europe will vote for a song that rocks instead of the usual bland pop fare that tends to win. John, Manchester
The only thing is. who is this Martin Lanout, who is apparently bandless right now? I’ve never heard of him, and Google isn’t much of a help either.

ABBA Star Ulvaeus Faces $11.8 Million Tax Demand From SwedenBloomberg
1, according to the group's Web site. The band's name was anacronym of the initial of the four members' first names. Thegroup, which rose to prominence after winning the Eurovisionsong contest in 1974, broke up at the end of 1982. Sweden's tax authorities claim Ulvaeus' creation of anetwork of companies “has just been a construction to avoidtaxes,'' the BBC quoted Backman as saying. According to Dagens Nyheter, Sweden also wants ABBA starAnni-Frid Reuss-Lyngstad to pay 12 million kronor in undeclaredtaxes. Reuss-Lyngstad, who lives in Switzerland, doesn't have topay personal income tax in Sweden, though income derived fromher record company in Panama is taxable in the Nordic country,according to the tax authorities, the newspaper reported. Hootenays, Chess Ulvaeus and fellow ABBA star Benny Anderson started writingsongs together in 1966, when Ulvaeus was a member of folk musicgroup the Hootenays, according to ABBA's Web site.

US: Rock Band Remains True To Armenian RootsRadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty
-based Armenian band, Slow Motion Rain, this year. Tankian declined to weigh in on the recent controversy over Armenia’s song for the Eurovision song contest in May, but he approves the choice of the singer, Andre. “I don’t know if I’ve heard that song,” he says. “He did give me his CD when I met him in Armenia and I did listen to it and I think he is a good pop singer — a romantic type of singer. “Andre has listed himself as a native of Nagorno-Karabakh, an Armenian-controlled enclave inside Azerbaijan that has been the object of fighting between the two countries. The Azerbaijani government says Andre should identify himself as from Azerbaijan or drop Nagorno-Karabakh from his biography.

Who will tell our stories once we’re gone?Jerusalem Post
Amir and Effi spent one summer with a family at a kibbutz playing an invented game called Buchenwald: “The rules of the game were simple: No eating. That changed when adolescence set in and the two boys “abandoned the Shoah. ” Instead, they were consumed with their raging hormones, Maccabi Tel Aviv’s victory in the European Cup and Yizhar Cohen’s Eurovision Song Contest win. But as the generation of survivors begins to age and pass away, Amir’s tortured memories and the stories he’s been told creep to the surface. As much as he might want to, he can never forget. Thus ends “1993: Our Laws,” the first section of Our Holocaust, the anchor of the book’s three sections. The chapter is packed with various characters, narratives, peculiar tales and troubling imagery, creating a choppy and disjointed plot – a literary tool used to convey a sense of madness.

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