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* Greeks Expect Eurovision Song Contest to Boost Tourist Industry
* Kym Scoops Soapy Deal
* God told him never to doubt himself
* Rebecca Tyrrel reviews Krapp’s Last Tape, Othello and Hamlet
* Enzo’s singing for England

Greeks Expect Eurovision Song Contest to Boost Tourist IndustryBloomberg
“For at least one evening,everyone in Europe will have their eyes on Athens. '' TheEurovision final, the world's biggest televised song contest,will take place in the Greek capital on May 20. Eurovision, which was watched by more than 100 milliontelevision viewers in 40 countries last year, may help to sustaina revival in Greece's tourist industry that began in 2005. Thenumber of visitors to Greece rose for the first year in six as thecountry spent 30 million euros ($38 million) on advertising and ashotels cut prices following the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. The contest, where pop music stars like Abba and CelineDion got their first breaks, helped boost the number of visitorsto Ukraine by 13 percent last year. The jump came afterPresident Viktor Yushchenko relaxed the rules on visas toencourage people from the European Union to attend the event. Cheap Hotels Greece aims to increase tourism's contribution to grossdomestic product to 25 percent in 2015 from about 15 percenttoday by doubling the number of visitors.

May 05, 2006, Fred Bronson. But I’m hoping Iceland’s “Silvia Night” is the first wholly tongue-in-cheek winner in the contest’s history. Though I’m not holding my breath… Though I’m not holding my breath. You’ve told us about Eurovision success on the U. charts, but what about Eurovision remakes? Vicky Leandros finished fourth in 1967 with “L’amour Est Bleu,” but Paul Mauriat took his version all the way to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Have any other Eurovision remakes charted?John EganVancouver CM8ShowAd(“Middle”); Hi Fred,I know you are a big Eurovision fan and have been at the competition in the past.

Kym Scoops Soapy DealSky News
She’s just bagged herself a much better job, that doesn’t involve singing in Athens. getElementById(obj); if (el.

God told him never to doubt
It can’t be denied that Flatley is a man of genuine achievement. Only 12 years ago, Irish dancing was little-known outside folkie circles. All that changed when he led the interval entertainment at the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin, with a piece he’d choreographed himself called Riverdance. His style mixed the traditional steps with American tap, threw in an element of sex, and – in an innovation that was shocking to purists – allowed the dancers to move their arms a bit. Flatley was then sacked by the producers, who apparently felt he was becoming too big for his tap-shoes.

Rebecca Tyrrel reviews Krapp’s Last Tape, Othello and
There are, but not many. Desdemona (Julia Jentsch), dressed like a child, doesn’t seem to mind the everpresent misogyny and continues praising Cassio while nudging and butting her big white Othello with her head, clinging limpet-like to him when he tries to push her away. Rodrigo performs an angry but compelling little dance, and Cassio and Iago sing a catchy, Eurovision-style song, ‘Hela Helalelu’. None of this warrants sitting through some unspeakably awful jokes that compare women to bowling balls and fishmongers. Some of the audience started walking out early on, which made me wonder under what circumstances the RSC gives refunds. If perhaps credit notes were given to the disappointed refugees from Othello, these discerning people might want to wait for next big name to appear before cashing them in: Ian McKellen in King Lear, say, or Judi Dench in a musical version of The Merry Wives of Windsor, or Patrick Stewart as Prospero in The Tempest. It would be, though, a gamble recommending Janet Suzman’s South African Baxter Theatre Company production of Hamlet, which opened this week. // THETICKET // CD SINGLESIrish Times
Orson, The Feeling and HAL may be today’s finest purveyors of 1970s-style FM rock, but they’re only the space cadets – these guys are the commanders of the soft-rock starship. SIMON CASEY Hope for Me Yet Universal *
God loves a trier, so a place in heaven is guaranteed for the dogged record label executive who won’t give up on this runner-up from an ancient You’re a Star series. First, though, there’d be a spell in purgatory for putting out this awful tune, like something David Brent from The Office would enter in the Eurovision. STARSAILOR Keep Us Together EMI **
James Walsh and his crew are sailing close to the wind of 1980s adult contemporary with this tune off their current album, On the Outside. With its big, shoutalong hook, Keep Us Together could have come straight off the soundtrack of St Elmo’s Fire, or maybe from Simple Minds’ salad days. BOY KILL BOY Suzie Vertigo ****
Boy buy guitar, boy form band, boy get girls. Straight outta Theydon Bois, these boys are out to prove that the Brits can do emo too, and knock Fall Out Boy from their pop pedestal with this song about – what else? – getting dumped by the girls.

THE DAILY STAR ForumDaily Star – Lebanon
Actually no I like Nancy Ajram, I like Helhem Zein I love Alaa Zalzali, wael Kefoure sometimes all we want to listen is Love songs to remind us of those we love that we have left back home. Not Snoop bloody dog or god knows what other stupid Eurovision song your thinking of. They talk about how it is on the street, well we had a Beutifull Woman called Julia Botrous who used to sing how it was during the Occupation, we also had Majida el roumi who sings about love and Beirut and my homeland. So hunter Go hunt some Bling Bling somewhere else. You disgust me with your Cheek about Arabic Music.

Enzo’s singing for EnglandBBC News
But then I reckon I could knock out a better World Cup song than Embrace’s on a set of spoons. Kevin King, who published Enzo’s song, sums it up best when he says: “It’s far superior to Embrace’s effort. It’s the best of a bad bunch – a bit like the Eurovision Song Contest. ”

And if Embrace are the Johnny Logan of World Cup songsters, then Enzo and Co might just be Bucks Fizz.

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