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* Luxury 5 star passover experience, in the city center
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Guardian Unlimited | Comment is free | Maureen Lipman: I heard about…Guardian Unlimited
Louise covered my tracks and I got a hug from Sondheim, which in my book is one up on a French kiss from Mozart. “What a weekend of music and lyrics!” I crooned in one of the show’s links. “Last night the Eurovision song contest and tonight Stephen Sondheim. “If you happened to miss the Eurovision, I’ll (a) take my het off to you and (b) report that it remains a nationalistic, obscene, crooked, piss-poor manifestation of bad taste, vulgarity and amateurism that plunges even Terry Wogan into annual bi-polarism and doesn’t deserve the digital tape it’s recorded on. I apologise, viewers, on the BBC’s behalf, that they see fit to impose something so awful on us when a once-in-a-lifetime show like the Sondheim night is destined to be a dim, romantic memory, like seeing Marie Lloyd singing My Old Man Says Follow the Van or Danny Kaye perching on the edge of the stage at the Palladium. Something to pass on to blasé grandkids: “You just had to be there. “· This week Maureen saw Gael “Gorgeous” García Bernal in The King: “Well acted, well made, and a truly unnecessary film.

Editor’s week | Guardian daily comment | Guardian UnlimitedGuardian Unlimited
Newspapers have, for more than 50 years, been following the supremacy of television when it came to live events – now we can have a crack too. Last week we had the exhilaration of the Eurovision Song Contest blog, masterfully written by Anna Pickard, one of our producers and one of Britain’s most popular bloggers. From the rubber-suited ridiculousness of Lordi to the sublime sound of Andreas Schiff playing at Wigmore Hall, which the editor kindly blogged for us, the spontaneous production of text to accompany such events is surprisingly effective.

The diarySofia Echo
But don?t get me wrong, I love my job, and I understand all the necessary inconveniences that go with it. I used to think I wouldn?t do well in advertising, following a rather painful experience with a former employer, but now I see myself through the eyes of someone else I have become, someone definitely successful, though there?s still much room for improvement. Tuesday, May 23 Day three since Lordi of Finland won the Eurovision Song Contest with their Hard Rock Hallelujah. I am considering wearing a t-shirt that says, ?I voted for Lordi?. No, kidding, but I do listen to their song non-stop now that I have downloaded it. I tend to be like that ? when I am into something, I dig deep into it and explore it and enjoy it until I get tired of it. Then usually I throw it aside, unless it?s something that can keep my interest alive.

Luxury 5 star passover experience, in the city centerJerusalem Post
Musically, the album’s base is Mediterranean. Avidan also sprinkles refrains from other genres on her new songs, but the foundation is always Mizrahi. “Bo Nisa,” a song about traveling, meshes electronica with Mediterranean; “Ata Iti” is more of an Eretz Yisrael tune but still boasts a dollop of Mizrahi melodies; and “Yalda Sheli” (written by her daughter, and which they performed at Kdam Eurovision) has a pop flavor. It seems as if Avidan decided to stick with what’s safe and not take a risk on any of the songs. The result is that there’s no “Yihiyeh Beseder” equivalent (the song that hurtled her to fame during the Gulf War) and no one song really stands out in this collection. Again, Avidan turned to others for the texts to her songs, including to the likes of Lea Shabat, the late Uzi Hitman, Shmuel Elbaz, and her daughter Maya. Avidan, who is one of the country’s longest-standing singers, produced the album by herself this time instead of relying on a record label.

Independent Online Edition > MediaIndependent
What is the name of the type of song associated with the Sami people?B. What is the national instrument of Norway? (a) the hardanger fiddle, (b) the Jew’s harp, (c) the whalebone pipeC. Finland may be monsters of rock with Lordi’s Eurovision win this year, but which Finnish accordionist has been called the Jimi Hendrix of the accordion?D. Which Radio 3 Award for World Music winner comes from a country with no coastline? (a) Swiss Ukulele Ensemble (b) Armenian Navy Band (c) Serbian Accordion OrchestraE. What instrument is played by the Norwegian musician Jan Garbarek?Rules: How to win one of 25 Pure radiosWin one of 25 award-winning Evoke-2XTs from Pure. With high-quality stereo speakers, DAB and FM, and the listening freedom offered by mains, battery or in-unit rechargeable ChargePAKTM power, the Evoke-2XT is perfect for keeping in touch with this summer of sport or for relaxing in the conservatory or garden to your favourite radio programme.

Independent Online Edition > MediaIndependent
” Mass art is what everybody knows about. Anybody’s opinion is as valid as anybody else’s: the latest re-design (No. 6) of the Ford Transit van; the Eurovision song contest; Keira Knightley v. Kate Moss; Botox v. cosmetic surgery; cherry-flavour Coca-Cola; Scary Movie 4. This universality is very different from Shakespeare’s or Tolstoy’s. But it’s what gives these arts their strength.

Getting inside Dutch humourExpatica
They do not really care much about it anyway. To the foreign eye and unknown to them, their direct and nonchalant ways are perceived as brutal rudeness, case. A case in point was the outrageous behaviour of Paul de Leeuw during the Eurovision Song Festival. It is no wonder that insults, commonly materialising in the form of humour to stress a point, has become a Dutch euphemism in action. Lesson: Don’t take Dutch humour seriously
If a Dutch person pulls your leg, don’t be a crybaby and a spoilsport. Learn to laugh and pull the person’s leg in return, then afterwards, get over it. You wouldn’t really want to celebrate a pity party all day as your Dutch counterpart has probably moved on, without a thought about you.

No Stopping Gnarls Barkley (Yet) On UK ChartBillboard
Matt Willis, a former member of pop trio Busted, soared 52-7 with his first solo hit “Up All Night” (Mercury). His former bandmates Charlie Simpson and James Bourne have already enjoyed British chart success since Busted split in 2004, with the groups Fightstar and Sons of Dork, respectively. Melodic British rock act the Feeling were up 28-10 with “Fill My Little World” (Universal Island), from the album “Twelve Stops and Home,” which follows June 5. Ambient dance-rock collective Zero were new at No.

Should the UN be reformed?BBC News
Ignoring Africa and Latin America to have the veto power in the Security Council will not be a genuine reform. Mbelekia, Njombe, Tanzania
The UN voting system has about as much integrity as that of the Eurovision song contest. It’s very sad for the world that the whole ethos behind the UN is doomed to fail because most nations will always act in their own interest. This is particularly sad when we are faced with global challenges such as climate change. Griff, Cardiff, Wales
Is it just me but does this speech not sound like an application for the job of UN Secretary General. No wonder he is coy about his departure date from No 10 if he wants to have this job in the bag first.

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