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Eurovision News Review:

* Bulgaria’s Plovdiv to host Eurovision 2007 sports games
* Singing for Their Supper
* Independent Online Edition > Media
* Independent Online Edition > Media
* Macedonia miss out on their ultimate prize
* Looking to the stars in Your Charts!
* Europe diary: Franco and Finland

Bulgaria’s Plovdiv to host Eurovision 2007 sports gamesSofia Echo
The rich surrounding programme that will help other people know about our traditions, culture, historical vallues and way of life is going to be a great advertisement not only for Plovdiv but for the whole country,? Chomakov said. Said Hansen: ?We chose Plovdiv simply because this is the most beautiful part of Bulgaria. The Sport Games of Eurovision are above all a meeting of different countries. It?s a great opportunity to make strong connections with other people and also to establish reliable relationships with your colleagues?. The process of setting up an organising committee has started. Hansen, after inspecting all the sports facilities in Plovdiv, concluded that all 10 disciplines could be held in the city, except for the golf tournament, which is to be held in Ihtiman.

Singing for Their SupperMoscow Times – The Moscow Times
Singing for Their SupperBy Yulia LatyninaBig news like the approaching G8 Summit or the execution of Russian diplomats in Iraq has been overshadowed of late by reports from Moscow’s beau monde that pop singer Zhasmin has alleged that her husband, businessman Vyacheslav Semenduyev, beat her up. I have never heard Zhasmin’s music, although I suspect that it’s similar to Alsu’s, which I have also never heard, but the nature of Zhasmin’s tragic story is pretty obvious: A young girl marries a man twice her age who is hopelessly in love with her; he showers her with gifts and — more unusually — the big money needed to produce her videos and land her in Russia’s Eurovision qualifying round. Whether she can sing or not is unimportant. What is important is that the sugar daddy is prepared to pay. (Why a man with a background from the Caucasus would knowingly put his wife in a position.

Independent Online Edition > MediaIndependent
In a business where most people wouldn’t last 26 months I’ve survived 26 years. And what’s your most embarrassing moment?They’re clocking up. It’s between interviewing David Blaine and him saying nothing for five minutes, and Fathers for Justice invading Jet Set on Eurovision night. They were very aggressive. David Blaine was one of those all-time telly bloopers where you didn’t know if he was jet-lagged, diabetic or had too much to drink. At home, what do you tune in to?The best invention ever made is Sky+. I always watch Jon Snow on Channel 4 News, a bit of Richard and Judy or Paul O’Grady and some football.

Independent Online Edition > MediaIndependent
“After you visited these countries, there was a remarkable increase in performance and enthusiasm,” says the prosecutor. There’s a variety of familiar faces; the only one I can name is Freddie Ljungberg, the international underwear model. Somehow this Eurovision also involves Pele and, what looks like green pixie booties with ties at the side. Are they the new Puma football boot? The divisive innovation that’ll sweep the world? Pele has one topically German line “Wilkommen zu football”. The World Cup link. It seems like a daft old narrative commercial with a great look, but maybe that’s just a way of getting round our defences. What it does say is football-related advertising, World Cup advertising and trainer advertising doesn’t have to depend on that restricted vocabulary of famous faces, easy messages and laddie bonding.

Sven-Goran Eriksson’s men had former ‘Spice Girl’ Victoria Beckham and ‘Girls Aloud’ star Cheryl Tweedy, the partner of Ashley Cole. They were staying in the hotel for the players’ wives at Baden-Baden. Ukraine also had added some girl power to their cause in the shape of Ruslana, the winner of the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest with her memorable winning ditty “Wild Dance”. Ruslana, who performed at the Fan Fest in Cologne, is also a Ukrainian MP — as is Ukraine coach Oleg Blokhin. Ukraine had also received high-profile support from the Klitschko brothers Vitali and Vladimir, the former once a world heavyweight champion and the latter the reigning WBO champion. Guimaraes’ woes

Life got worse for Costa Rica coach Alexandre Guimaraes whose team was, along with Poland, the first to be eliminated from the World Cup. Now his dog has run away from home.

Macedonia miss out on their ultimate
For nations such as Macedonia, England represent an ultimate prize. Even without David Beckham they possess a kind of Hollywood glamour, they take more supporters with them than anyone else and boast the most intense media coverage. As the jury from Moldova in the Eurovision Song Contest, who gave no points to the nation that bred Lennon and McCartney, no doubt felt, there is a certain cachet in putting down England. Before kick-off, Katenec had quoted the way the Hungarians had made history at Wembley in 1953. Outwardly at least, Skopje was a more hospitable venue than it had been in 2003 when the St George’s Flag was burned in the stands and English footballers with black skins were ruthlessly baited. Open-air bars, with settees and awnings covering the walkway along the fast-flowing River Vardar, had been built since and the racism was limited to some isolated chanting when Jermain Defoe was substituted. Nevertheless, it was a harsh encounter but these kind of cup-tie atmospheres are ones England respond to.

Looking to the stars in Your Charts!BBC News
Music news

Kelly Clarkson seems to be the resident winner in the pop star chart. Singer KT Tunstall gets the boot whilst Latin diva Shakira shakes her stuff and is a new entry. And finally, Eurovision is now old news and so are Lordi. The rock act lost their touch and Green Day remain your top rock act. But will they still hold the top spot next week?

It’s all down to you, so get voting!

Your Charts are updated every Saturday.

Europe diary: Franco and FinlandBBC News
john somerhausen,
Can we in the UK please celebrate the 50th birthday of the EU by holding a referendum to see whether or not we actually want to continue our membership of this organisation with its ensuing costs and loss of sovereignty. Max, Warwick

In a way it is actually funny, that now we have won the eurovision and have the presidency, we have elected the blandest and grayest prime minister possible. Maybe that is what the Union needs right now, though?Johannes, Oulu, Finland.

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