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Europe diary: Looking east

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* Brussels wants Eurovision for EU propaganda
* Puppets on a string
* Europe diary: Looking east
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* Is it OK … to go on a stag weekend?

Brussels wants Eurovision for EU
)Now, however, the Eurovision Song Contest faces what some of its 100 million-strong army of fans might consider a genuine indignity: a takeover attempt by the European Union. Outlining the plans, Margot Wallstrom, the Swedish commissioner, enthused about beaming the “celebration” to all 25 member states. Viewers would be told about “the need of close co-operation in our common project”, “solidarity” and “the benefits that European integration has brought to its citizens”… Viewers would be told about “the need of close co-operation in our common project”, “solidarity” and “the benefits that European integration has brought to its citizens”. “A well-designed project will be transmitted by TV channels, ensuring impact and visibility,” wrote Miss Wallstrom. “The involvement of possibly linkages with the Eurovision contest could be seriously considered in this respect. “Miss Wallstrom, the commission vice-president responsible for communication strategy, had high hopes for “Europe Singing and Giving”, as its supporters call next summer’s singalong. Proceeds would go to charity. Already newer member states are rebelling after attending a private briefing about the plans. Though the views of non-EU countries who participate in the Eurovision Song Contest such as Iceland, Israel, Turkey and Armenia have yet to be recorded.

Puppets on a
She wants all the countries competing to produce the most uplifting paean of praise to the “benefits that European integration has brought to its citizens”. We have long suspected that the only point of the annual song contest was as a kind of subliminal EU propaganda machine. How else to explain, for instance, the run of winning entries in the years before Britain’s accession in 1973? Boom Bang-A-Bang (1969), All Kinds of Everything (1970); Un Banc, Un Arbre, Un Rue (1971) and Apres Toi (1972). But nothing compares to Sweden’s own celebration of the delights of the peoples of Europe coming together in a shared enterprise, the 1974 winner from Abba, Waterloo, with its prophetic line: “Couldn’t escape if I wanted to.

The Finnish band would miss the show due to a change in the managing companies and participation elsewhere, avtora. At the same time, festival organisers in Bulgaria and the Kavarna municipality managed to react and find an alternative.

Europe diary: Looking eastBBC News
Jon Barker, London
A lot of the respondents have said that it is good to have a counterweight to America – surely the point of Mark’s article was to highlight the fact that the EU is a lightweight. The EU wouldn’t even have as much of a voice as it has had up until now if it wasn’t for the fact that it signed a few, albeit large, cheques to the Palestinian authority. Maybe the EU expected more leverage due to the fact that Israel has been allowed to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest – who knows?! But the point is that the EU, by it’s nature, cannot agree a strong policy – EU policy is always watered down to avoid disagreement between member states, so know one listens to it. Nick, Soton, UK

The E. has seldom given a real contribute to find a solution to the Middle East problem. Because of its large moslem population and the fear of internal disorders and add a pinch of a antisraeli feeling in some of the european leaders and political parties, the result is that Israel will not accept any E.

Independent Online Edition > MediaIndependent
” As weatherman Liam Dutton will point out through the night, it has been the hottest July day on record with temperatures topping 36 degrees. The Middle East may be in crisis but there is domestic news to report as well. As well as monitoring feeds from television news-wires APTN, Reuters and Eurovision, Clark keeps an eye out for UGC – “user-generator content”, such as e-mailed photographs and video footage captured on mobile phones. Since midnight, the most remarkable contribution has been a shot of a vegetable patch taken by someone called Goldie. “Here’s a close-up of the flower on my elephant garlic,” is the accompanying copy. E-mail traffic on the Middle East coverage is rather more serious. “I’ve always watched BBC News.

Is it OK … to go on a stag weekend?Guardian Unlimited
But in the past decade, what was once usually nothing more than a long boozy night at a local pub, which at worst would climax with, say, a strippergram disguised as a policewoman, has evolved into an altogether different beast. The hen party, the corresponding outing for the bride, has also undergone a similar, if slightly less bacchanalian, transformation. To get a taste of what happens on a typical stag weekend (some, it must be said, are altogether more sedate), all you need to do is look at the websites of any of the many companies that now arrange stag and hen weekends, often to far-off corners of eastern Europe that were previously best known to viewers of the Eurovision Song Contest. Take Tallinn Pissup, the company that says it organises 60% of all the stag, hen and “divorce” parties travelling to Estonia’s capital city. For £29 a person it offers a “medieval lesbian stripper show and meal” package: “A tradition in Tallinn since sixteen hundred and phwoar! First a slap-up meal – with three free beers – then a stripfest. ” For £19, “tottie tours” of the city are available that allow you to “visit all three of the top lapdancing bars in one night”. The party continues during the daytime, too.

Raul Paz would perform on August 8 in the winter resort, Darik Radio reported. The rock festival in the coastal resort of Kavarna would begin on August 23. Finnish band Lordi, winner of the Eurovision song concert would perform on August 25. Members of the Finnish band said they never performed without their monster costumes. Darik reported that little is known about the rock group. Lordi’s official website does not feature the real names of band members. Simply Red’s concert in Bulgaria is scheduled for September 1.

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