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* View from Finland: How winning changes everything: Lordi’s rise
* Athens struggles with its Olympic inheritance
* Dancer Flatley sues rape accuser
* ‘Angels’ of mercy help Northerners
* village voice > music > Os Mutantes at Webster Hall: Tropic’…
* Parnassus group bring show to Edinburgh
* STM’s 50 things to do in winter

View from Finland: How winning changes everything: Lordi’s riseInternational Herald Tribune
But after ending Finland's 40-year losing streak at the world's biggest celebration of kitsch, the demonic quintet has been transformed from national scourges to national heroes – suggesting that, even in self-effacing Finland, the winner takes all, even when he or she dresses like a chainsaw-wielding Gothic troll. The lionizing of the former outcasts has reached such surreal heights that there are plans in the works for a Lordi postage stamp, Lordi action figures, a Lordi comic book series, Lordi commemorative coins and Lordi, the movie – a horror film starring the band members as themselves. It is a sign of our times that a Nordic country of five million people, renowned for its cellphones, flourishing economy and generous welfare state, has come to view the former pariahs as role models and a potent source of national pride. So much so that in Finland, Lordi has entered the pantheon of one-name celebrities like Santa, Sibelius and Cher… "Any inferiority complex was something in past – and Lordi is part of that. "Tomi Putaansuu, the band's leader and lead singer, has a theory about Lordi's sudden rehabilitation. "Being a hero is easy, you just have to win the Eurovision Song Contest, apparently,"Putaansuu said recently. "Until a few weeks ago the whole nation was against us totally – they did not want us to represent Finland. Now all the magazines in Finland are printing Lordi masks for children. There's not much logic going on inside. But let's face it, people are stupid.

Athens struggles with its Olympic – (subscription)
Greece’s international reputation has “vastly improved” since the games, insists Stratos Safioleas, who consulted for both the London and Seoul Games bids and worked for Athens 2004. Athens has drawn track, rowing and cycling competitions this summer. And alongside events like the Eurovision song contest in May, the main Olympic complex at OAKA has hosted a stage of the Acropolis car rally, Panathinaikos and AEK home soccer games. Next month it will host track’s World Cup and, next year, the Champions League final. But longer-term uses are still elusive. Many Olympic facilities threaten to become white elephants because of slow conversion, resistance to opening the new national heritage to private money or outright neglect. Options for commercial seekers are limited to long-term leases; outright sale is ruled out.

Dancer Flatley sues rape accuserBBC News
“Because of the Supreme Court ruling, we can make these people go to trial and prove our case,” he added. The woman’s lawyer was not available for comment. Mr Flatley helped launch the legend of the Irish dancing spectacle Riverdance after performing at the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin. He was a multi-millionaire by the time he left Riverdance after a concert in London on 25 July 1998. Mr Flatley turned down a ?1m offer to box professionally from Irish promoters Team Ireland, and carried on dancing, taking his Lord of the Dance and Feet of Flames tours around the world.

‘Angels’ of mercy help NorthernersJerusalem Post
All proceeds from the event will be distributed by the Israeli Flying Aid Society, an organization dedicated to providing “life saving aid to people affected by natural and man-made disasters” around the world. Among the group’s previous work were efforts to aid earthquake survivors in India and Indonesia and victims of Hurricane Katrina in the United States. The 17-year-old Kotel, who partnered with US President Bill Clinton to perform a duet of the Beatles’ “Imagine” at a birthday party for Shimon Peres three years ago, sang as part of international pop group Six4One earlier this year at the Eurovision Song Contest in Athens. She’ll be joined at tonight’s fundraiser by Klaus Meine, the lead singer of one of Germany’s most popular rock bands, The Scorpions, which hit an international peak in 1984 with metal anthem “Rock You Like a Hurricane” and performed in Israel for the first time last year. The pair will be joined onstage by local pop singer David D’Or, as well as by Uri Geller, the celebrity psychic, illusionist and one-time confidant of Michael Jackson. Actress Sarit Vino-Elad will emcee the event, which organizers say will also include a surprise appearance by a northern Israeli resident recently featured on hit TV singing contest Kochav Nolad. A children’s choir will close the show with a rendition of history’s most successful fundraising song, 1980s classic “We are the World.

village voice > music > Os Mutantes at Webster Hall: Tropic’…Village Voice
But after the crowd got over the initial shock of such a world-shaking event, some cold reality sank in. Other than his occasional wry and dry comic singing, Arnaldo added little flair behind his keys while Zelia provided a strangely husky-voiced replacement for Rita’s sweet songbird act, though two young backup singers helped recreate the records’ decorative harmonies. It also didn’t help that toward the middle of the show, the band favored its Americanized mid-’70s period rife with Eurovision pap (“Virginia”) and soggy English lyrics (“Top Top”). But Sergio soon brushed those quibbles aside and stole the show. Decked out in knee-high boots and long scarves, he beamed smiles and praised Gotham more than a visiting politician, only too glad to play the guitar god rock star role as he peeled off solo after solo of sustained, Santana-ish fuzztones while leaning forward into the crowd for emphasis. And toward the end of the 90-minute affair, Os Mutantes hit their stride as Sergio one-upped Eric Carmen with “Balada Do Luoco,” a ballad framed by turkey calls and acidic guitar solos?a rapid-fire rock number (“Cabeludo Patriota”) and a joyous doo-wop piece (“A Minha Menina”) followed in kind. At those moments,, their bizarre sense of humor and history emerged intact, which is more than you can say of most ’60s bands who speak psychedelia as a first language.

Parnassus group bring show to –
The Dublin-based outfit have previously toured extensively in Ireland and the United States, with one of their most popular shows being the 1990s production ‘Me Arse’, which featured a series of sketches poking fun at the Eurovision Song Contest, the World Cup and Dublin’s Millennium. Their current production ‘Dolly West’s Kitchen’ is set in Donegal immediately before and after World War II, highlighting a family at war. The play is due to run at Edinburgh’s Zoo Venue from August 6 to 12 as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

STM’s 50 things to do in
It’s cheesy, it’s cringe-worthy and it’s utterly addictive. Dust off the lycra and grab a front row seat at Eurobeat – Almost Eurovision. In this outrageous farcical tribute, the audience votes for their favourite country every night (August 9-20; tickets from $29 for previews, bookings through BOCS). Now’s the time to purchase your early bird tickets for the Smirnoff marquee at Perth Cup. Beat the rush and catch the worm with an eager beaver discount.

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