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* Top of the morning, Terry
* American support may no longer be enough | Special reports | Guardian…
* Beleaguered Hair faces prospect of seconds out
* Karaoke finale for trade summit
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* Maximum points to Sweden for top entertainment
* Dale Winton would make perfect match for odd couple
* What’s your least favourite TV programme?

Top of the morning,
Worked as a bank clerk in Dublin for five years before moving into broadcasting. Interviewed a vast array of celebrities on Wogan, including a drunk George Best, a catatonic Anne Bancroft, and the former BBC sports presenter David Icke, who declared himself the Son of God on air. Began his sardonic coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest in 1980. Caused outrage in 2001 when he described the Danish presenters as “Dr Death and the Tooth Fairy”. Once contributed his own underpants to a Children in Need auction. They fetched £7,500. Is the best-paid radio DJ in the country, reportedly commanding a salary of £800,000.

American support may no longer be enough | Special reports | Guardian…Guardian Unlimited
It identifies itself with the west. And the west reciprocates. How else can one explain the intimate relationship that Israel enjoys with the US, or the fact that Israel competes in the Eurovision song contest and European football competitions? It is regarded as an honorary member of the west in the same way that Australia still is, or apartheid South Africa used to be. And the reason is not simply geopolitical, but cultural and ethnic. Whatever the rights and wrongs of the creation of the state of Israel, the reality today is that it is – by the manner of its creation, self-image and attitude towards its neighbours, and how it is regarded by the west – a western transplant sustained by an American life-support machine. Under such circumstances, the very idea that peace in the Middle East is in any meaningful sense possible is illusory. Israel has been the primary means by which the US has exercised its hegemony over the region.

Beleaguered Hair faces prospect of seconds
Though the umpire has not stood in a match since the incident, he has been invited to re-apply for his place on the panel next season. Just as cricket has been politicised by Hair’s decision at the Oval, so politics intervened in cricket during a European Championship fixture in Glasgow earlier this month. Israel count as a European nation for the purposes of the championship, just as they do in the Eurovision Song Contest. But when their early matches were disrupted by protest rallies, their game against Guernsey had to be shifted to Lossiemouth, an RAF base some 150 miles from Glasgow. Osman Saeed, from the Muslim Association of Britain, condemned the Ministry of Defence for allowing the Israelis to use their facilities. But it didn’t do them much good – they still lost by five wickets. Information appearing on telegraph.

Karaoke finale for trade summitBBC News
Sentimental Laotians gave their version of To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before. But Indonesian trade minister Mari Elka Pangestu stole the show with a poem thanking India for trade concessions on toilet seats, Reuters reported. Free trade hopes

The Eurovision style celebrations occurred in Kuala Lumpur after US trade negotiators signed a trade and investment agreement with their counterparts from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean), which also includes Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. The agreement paves the way for a future free-trade agreement between Asean and the US, its biggest trading partner. However, talks on such a deal are not expected to begin until 2010, during which time the Asean states will be expected to resolve a number of trade inhibiting issues. Both sides also pledged to try to restart the global free trade talks that were suspended last month because too many countries were unwilling to compromise on issues such as farm subsidies and tariffs. The World Trade Organisation-sponsored negotiations had attempted to liberalise trade rules, giving developing countries a bigger slice of the global trade pie.

Independent Online Edition > ProfilesIndependent
She burst into tears. “I told her, ‘I have to do this otherwise I’m going to be a very, very unhappy man. ‘”He sang in a group called First Division that nearly represented Britain at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1983. Later, he took over from David Essex in Time. Then, while in The Pirates of Penzance at the London Palladium he met Paul Nicholas and together they began producing shows. In 1993, Ian had his biggest gamble, taking out a second mortgage to finance the West End production of Grease. “I thought the trick was to do the movie live on stage.

Maximum points to Sweden for top
It has becoming increasingly difficult to spot the difference between the Eurovision Song Contest. Perhaps Terry Wogan could be persuaded to host the TV athletics coverage in the interests of continuity.

Dale Winton would make perfect match for odd
For the first time, Uefa decided to combine the tedium of their annual awards with the excitement of their annual draw. BAFTA meets Blind Date. Election night run in conjunction with the Eurovision Song Contest. Barcelona players sidled up and away with three of the four individual awards and gave the distinct impression that they expect it to be the same story in a year’s time. As Chelsea bemoaned the fact that Tony Blair had not flown back from Barbados to address their absence from the top eight seeds, Barcelona waited for the results with all the anxiety of an ‘O’ level student needing a pass. They have added Gianluca Zambrotta and Lilian Thuram to their number since Paris. Oh, and Eidur Gudjohnsen.

What’s your least favourite TV programme?BBC News
Programmes including Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, Popstars: The Rivals and the Eurovision Song Contest were on the list. But what is your least favourite programme on TV?

Do you get bored watching soap operas?

Maybe you get fed up with loads of sport on TV at weekends?

Or a comedy show which is so not funny?!

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