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Wig Wam: Japan tour, new album, new DVD

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* ?R to debut in Eurovision
* Riverdance composer ‘remote’ from Celtic Tiger
* Lordi unlikely to attend President’s party
* Wig Wam: Japan tour, new album, new DVD
* Radio review Elisabeth Mahoney
* Who the hell are?
* RTÉ Radio One, Mooney Goes Wild
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?R to debut in EurovisionPrague Post
Viewers will vote for their favorite by SMS. 15 deadline to apply to enter the Eurovision Song Contest has come and gone, organizers have kicked into high gear. In mid-December, ČTV will hold a press conference announcing more details about the show, spokesman Martin Krafl said. But Eurovision isn’t just about catchy pop lyrics and fancy special effects. “To some of the newer countries, joining Eurovision is about becoming part of Europe and establishing their identity,” Viniker said. For countries like Macedonia and Moldova, performing on the same stage as West European nations can be a symbolic step… It’s big business, but also something of a cultural phenomenon. Sure, the United States’ American Idol and the United Kingdom’s Pop Idol, both wildly popular in their home markets, have spotted talented acts. But nothing like the superstars who have come out of Eurovision. This is, after all, where heavyweights like ABBA (representing Sweden) and Céline Dion (representing Switzerland) burst on the scene. “Eurovision definitely has a cult following throughout the world,” said Barry Viniker, director of www. com, an independent Web site dedicated to the show that has over 22,000 members.

Riverdance composer ‘remote’ from Celtic TigerIreland Online
The Limerick-born musician wrote the score for the 1994 Eurovision interval dancing extravaganza which has become a global phenomenon. He said the sound and spectacle of traditional Irish music and sexy dancers may have tapped into the growing confidence of 1990s? Ireland triggered by the Celtic Tiger. ?The power of that created a new confidence, whether it has anything to do with the confidence that was growing in Ireland in the mid-1990s ? the years of the famous eltic Tiger. ?It is a phrase which I am extremely uncomfortable with as an Irishman. I just don?t know what it means, quite frankly.

Lordi unlikely to attend President’s
Every year on 6th December, Finland celebrates their Independence Day. One of the key events of the celebration is the President’s Reception at the Presidential Palace. It is an extremely popular event, with about 2. 000 guests, broadcast on TV with an estimated audience of 2 million Finns.

Wig Wam: Japan tour, new album, new
com esctoday. com competition winners! Wig Wam: Japan tour, new album, new DVD Norweigan rock and rollers, and 2005 Eurovision Song Contest finalists, Wig Wam have confirmed that 2007 will be another busy year. They have confirmed that they wll tour Japan, are planning a full UK tour and releasing a new album. The success of their first UK performance at Nottingham’s Rock Rity was so great that the occasion will feature on a special DVD release in the new year. Wig Wam have reached unexpected success in Japan. Without any publicity to date, the test release of the album Hard to be a rock n' roller.

Radio review Elisabeth MahoneyGuardian Unlimited
I’m still reeling with incredulity that this show was the first of five: yes, that’s two and a half hours of this limp material, flaccidly presented. Here is a typical line from presenter Nick Baker. “It’s like a one-man Eurovision Contest with a built-in interpreter,” he quipped on the subject of singers who perform one line in a foreign language and then the next in English. Nat King Cole was found guilty of this, and punished with a weakling joke. Horribly unfunnily, he became “Nat Roi Cole”.

Who the hell are?Irish Times
Their mission is to show the range and virtuosity ofthis tiny, four-stringed yoke, and use it to bring out the best inevery tune, whether it be David Bowie’s Life on Mars (with addedsnatches of My Way), Ms Dynamite’s Dy-Na-Mi-Tee or Nirvana’s SmellsLike Teen Spirit. Their version of Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heightsprompted the Independent’s Howard Jacobson to demand an immediateknighthood for the orchestra’s members. Uke special: The line-up of the Ukulele Orchestraof Great Britain includes Peter Brooke-Turner, a former Eurovisionfinalist; Dave Suich, a compere at Glastonbury; and GeorgeHinchliffe, who once played 100 songs from 100 years in 100minutes. The orchestra started out as a bit of a joke, the membersgetting together back in 1985 to “jam out” some tunes on the uke. When their first gig sold out, they realised that discerninglisteners liked nothing better than to hear classic andcontemporary music played on an instrument that looked like it hadshrunk in the wash and sounded like it was coming from the otherend of a hosepipe. Carry uke: The UOGB have played such prestigiousvenues as Ronnie Scott’s and the Royal Festival Hall, blown awaythe festival crowds at Glastonbury and the Big Chill, and appearedon Jools Holland’s Hootenanny, Blue Peter and Richard & Judy. They took their “hand luggage” on tour to the US, Canada, Europeand Japan, including two sold-out shows at Dublin’s Project inJuly.

RTÉ Radio One, Mooney Goes
John Henley plays the Commuter Quiz in Mother Hubbards, Moy Valley, Co. Westmeath with David Smith, and wins a €100 voucher for Mother Hubbards. Our musical guru Paul G chats about going to Malta to help choose their entry for the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest, and about reaction to Dervish being chosen as Ireland’s representatives in the competition. And we congratulate Carmel Duffy from Birr in Co. Offaly on winning €2000 of Mooney’s Money! To find out how you can win another €2000 of Mooney’s Money tomorrow,.

Saturdays at 8.30pm on TVM and streamed on
A special fashion show will be featuring beautiful wedding gowns accompanied by the mesmerizing voice of Ruth Sammut Casingena singing ‘Con Te Partiro’. The Young Talent Team will also be performing the YMCA Remix of Village People during Showtime. During this programme, Showtime presenters and viewers will be bidding a big good luck to Sofie, one of the Young Talent Team members who will be representing Malta for the Children’s Eurovision. Showtime has more in store for its viewers! This includes singer Ritienne and her angelic voice and brilliant interpretation of classical and romantic songs. Another brilliant voice is that of Manuel Xuereb, one of the presenters of this much followed programme. Showtime Band will also be featuring some new songs on their repertoire. The band is formed by Ivan Borg on the saxophone, Erin Micallef on the drums, Luca Xuereb on the keyboards and Stefan Xuereb the bassist.

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