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Eurovision News Review:

* Jarvis Cocker: ‘Maybe I’ll do Eurovision next year’
* Lejn il-Eurovision
* Digital Spy Forums – View Single Post – The DS Eurovision Thread -…
* Parodi Grand Prix 2007 to start
* Digital Spy Forums – View Single Post – The DS Eurovision Thread -…
* Andorra: Anonymous to Helsinki
* New arrangements for some MaltaSong singers
* Another change in Bulgaria
* Artists submit a song to BBC to gain support
* Liverpool culture round-up | | Guardian Unlimited Arts
* How have we fallen so far behind in battle to beat MRSA?

Well-known Bulgarian performers as well as first-time performers were among the 18 semifinalists, avtora. The semifinal will the place on February 3 2007 in the National Palace of Culture. Only nine songs would be selected for the competition final, avtora.

Jarvis Cocker: ‘Maybe I’ll do Eurovision next year’
07 11:30am Jarvis Cocker has spoken about his interest in writing Britain’s entry into the Eurovision Song Contest. The news comes after recent reports that Morrissey was asked if he was interested in writing an entry. Cocker said: “I’m not going to compete with Mozzer if he’s going to do it. I’m sure he’ll write something good. He told BBC Five Live: “The door is always open if they want to ask me.

Guests in today’s programme include Josanne Cassar (The Malta Independent), Marbeck Spiteri and Anton Miceli (MaltaSong), Gordon and Joseph (Toni & Guy). Anna Vissi’s Nylon video is also shown during this edition of the programme. Viewers will also be able to win Eurovision related cds by participating in the weekly competition. Lejn il-Eurovision is produced by Frederick Zammit for Net TV, and assisted by Cyrus Engerer from ESCmalta. Jason Caruana from Enigma Productions directs this programme… Anna Vissi’s Nylon video is also shown during this edition of the programme. Viewers will also be able to win Eurovision related cds by participating in the weekly competition. Lejn il-Eurovision is produced by Frederick Zammit for Net TV, and assisted by Cyrus Engerer from ESCmalta. Jason Caruana from Enigma Productions directs this programme.

Digital Spy Forums – View Single Post – The DS Eurovision Thread -…Digital Spy
Worse still, the girls’ hats: if those countries are aware that (to the best of my knowledge) no UK schools wear hats these days, they’d have immediately thought the girls were wearing an outdated school uniform. Get the point?

Indeed I do, but I would be really surprised if the fact the uniform was outdated influenced a single voter in the continent. OK, I can see that what they were wearing (hats etc) was old fashioned, but was the first priority for the costume designer for the uniforms to be up to date?

In addition to that, the modern school uniforms – swearshirt etc is not really a traditional image of what British schools look like which is no doubt what they were trying to convey to the rest of Europe.

Parodi Grand Prix 2007 to
no Norwegian show success Parodi Grand Prix 2007 to start For the third year in a row, Parodi (Parody) Grand Prix will be arranged in Norway. The national competition is based on performances of previous Eurovision Song Contest performances and provides a thrilling competition filled with great music and humour. The first shows start next weekend, on 19th and 20th January, in Oslo and Bergen. The competition producer is none other than esctoday. com Norwegian editor, Tom Espen Hansen! At the beginning in 2005, Parodi Grand Prix was such a success that the show had to expand and become a national event in 2006. In 2005 everything took place in Bergen, but last year also Trondheim and Oslo arranged semifinals… Competitors are free to make their own musical twists and stage performances. The original idea was to create a small contest for fun in Bergen, but the enthusiastic response was enormous, and the final had to be held in the largest eventhall in Bergen, Grieghallen. This was also the stage for the first Eurovision Song Contest that Norway held, back in 1986. In the final, Roy Vorland and Andreas Holt became the proud first winners of Parody Grand Prix with their contribution “Shame on you” (Denmark 2004). First runner-up was Belinda Glava with Croatia’s “Marija Magdalena” from 1999. Kim Fairchild (who actually came second in Melodi Grand Prix in 1993) ended second runner-up with “Where are you?” (UK 1998). In 2006 the contest expanded, and now included semifinals in both Trondheim and Oslo.

Digital Spy Forums – View Single Post – The DS Eurovision Thread -…Digital Spy
Most people find songs grow on them, so hearing something twice will enhance its popularity. I think they should have continued with the relegations – some countries out one year and new ones back the next. Perhaps counties that don’t make the final shouldn’t be allowed to vote individually – I think it’s been suggested on this thread that all those votes are pulled in together to form 1 vote – perhaps with a max of 24 points to the overall fav?

It has been said that the semi final gives the ten countries who qualify from the semi-final have an advantage in the final, as their songs have been seen and heard before. Well I don’t disagree with that. More importantly though, take last year’s contest (2006):

Russia, FYR Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Lithuania, Finland, Ukraine, Ireland, Sweden, Turkey and Armenia all entered the semi-final, and therefore qualified for the final on the basis of their 2006 entries. BUT Switzerland, Moldova, Israel, Latvia, Norway, Malta, Denmark, Romania, Greece and Croatia qualified for final on the basis of their 2005 entries (Croatia was 11th, and got in automatically in place of Serbia-Montenegro who had withdrawn, the other nine were in the top ten). And of course, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom and France qualified as Big 4 – despite being bottom 4 in 2005.

Andorra: Anonymous to
com, RTVA News. They were chosen from over 80 candidates by a special jury consisting of 10 people from diferent cultural areas desgined Anonymous unanimously. The band was chosen unanimously as the first option for all the jury members. They will participate in Finland with their own song Save the world. Andorra have turned away from the single female performer Anonymous is a three-piece band made up of Nikki, Alejandro and Gallego.

New arrangements for some MaltaSong
A total of 228 songs were submitted. With less than three weeks to go for the Malta Song for Europe 2007, many are eagerly awaiting the Song for Europe final on the 3rd of February. Audio clips of this year?s 16 Malta Song for Europe songs are available on its MaltaMedia Online Network?s Eurovision website. The audio clips can be previewed. For more detailed information about Malta’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest see.

Another change in
One of the songs in the semi final, Ya tvoya, performed by Sofi Marinova & Ustata, seems to be a Russian version of their current hit Moy si diavole. The Bulgarian semi final will be held February 3rd, with the final taking place in the capital Sofia on February 24th. In 2 participations, Bulgaria has never once made it to the final, so whoever wins the Bulgarian selection will be hoping to become the first Bulgarian in a Eurovision final.

Artists submit a song to BBC to gain
Most of the 10-piece group, Goth Opera, are former students of Dartington College of Arts and are opposed to its move from a Devon country estate. Goth Opera frontwoman Kathy Karpilov, a student at the college 15 years ago, said: "We believe that Dartington represents the finest music and art in Devon and the country, if not the whole of Europe. Ms Karpilov said their contemporary opera group wanted to enter a "song of hope" in the Eurovision contest once entry requirements were made public next week. "The song says that nothing is impossible if you believe in the power of hope and love. We think that it is a loss of hope that has led to the prospective move at Dartington College. "Since we don't know yet the rules of participation as the British Broadcasting Corporation will announce them next week and we can't know if such an entry will be part of the British national selection. For sure artists gained the public attention Related polls.

Liverpool culture round-up | | Guardian Unlimited ArtsGuardian Unlimited
Liverpool Film Studios opened last year, and four locally set films are in production. Music Sir Thomas Beecham’s name is closely linked with the city, but nothing can compare with the legend of the Mersey Beat – from Gerry and the Pacemakers, who romanticised the chugging ferry to Birkenhead, to the Beatles. Fresh talent, such as The Stans and The Coral, keeps bobbing up (although Jemini’s nul points at the Eurovision song contest was an unfortunate blip). Sir Paul McCartney helped to inspire the ?20m Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. Poetry The Liverpool poets Adrian Henri, Brian Patten and Roger McGough turned Scouse wit into verse full of startling images. Liverpool became a teenage girl ‘dangling her landing stage in the water’. Sport Where else can you go for the Grand National, the Kop and the derby (the one between Liverpool and Everton, not the horses)? Sport keeps developing too; there is now a yacht race on the Mersey, as well as the ferry.

How have we fallen so far behind in battle to beat MRSA?
At 44 per cent, Britain is ranked alongside Greece and just above Portugal, Malta and Cyprus. Romania has the biggest problem, posting a level of more than 60 per cent. It feels very much like the Eurovision Song Contest results all over again – with us getting depressingly closer to the bottom every year. What many will find most irritating is that, for no perceptible reason, the French are leading the pack in the category of Most Improving Nation, while the Dutch are achieving success by using a British idea. How on earth did we get to this? In 1990, the rate of infection in the UK was just 5 per cent – and a strict policy of search (screening) and destroy (isolate and contain) was keeping it low. This “search and destroy” idea is the very one now so popular in northern Europe. Yet over the next decade, things went badly awry.

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