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30pm on Net TV and streamed on www. com Friday, 26 January, 2007

In the fourth pre-festival programme of Lejn il-Eurovision, Claudette Pace introduces us to the last four partecipants in this year’s Go Mobile Malta Song for Europe namely Pamela (All About A Life), Rosman Pace (Rollercoater Ride), William Mangion (Forever Mine) and Olivia Lewis (Vertigo). The discussion continues with the numerous guests in this edition including Maltasong chairperson Robert Abela, Maltasong members Martin Gauci, Adrian Attard Trevisan, Mike Spieri, UKAM’s John Vassallo, Maltasong festival presenter J Anvil and local artist Lindsay Pace who will launch her new music video ‘The Truth In Me’ – a song which made it to the second phase of the Malta Song for Europe but failed to make it to the finals. One of the features in today’s programme will focus on the issue of televoting. Throughout the programme viewers will also have the chance to participate in the weekly competition. Lejn il-Eurovision is recorded at the Le Meridien St Julians and is produced by Frederick Zammit for Net TV, assisted by Cyrus Engerer from www… One of the features in today’s programme will focus on the issue of televoting. Throughout the programme viewers will also have the chance to participate in the weekly competition. Lejn il-Eurovision is recorded at the Le Meridien St Julians and is produced by Frederick Zammit for Net TV, assisted by Cyrus Engerer from www. com and directed by Jason Caruana from Enigma Productions. Lejn il-Eurovision has a repeat on Saturday at 8.

Arts & Ideas / columns… / In the SpotlightMoscow Times – The Moscow Times
In the SpotlightBy Anna MalpasThis week, it was hard to avoid a certain starry couple: singers Natalya Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov. When they weren’t skiing in France on two full pages of Hello! magazine, they were taking up four pages of the less glamorous Seven Days magazine with excessively nauseating scenes of coupledom. She’s a former Eurovision contestant (15th place) and, before that, a contestant on the television talent show Star Factory (third place). He’s a luxuriantly locked popster who performs toe-tapping numbers on Saturday-evening music shows. Together, their star wattage is at least high enough to power their straightening irons.

Putting Finland on the
Sibelius CDs and T-shirts bearing his distinctive image dominate the music store at Helsinki airport. Most visitors, fighting jet lag after a long trip, must wonder why the line-drawing portrait of this old man is there in the first place. But it is, right next to the Lordi T-shirt, the monster mask-wearing winners of the 2006 Eurovision song contest. Arguably, while they are worlds and decades apart, Sibelius and Lordi are Finland’s musical gifts to the world. To Finns, Sibelius is much more than a musical interlude. Through his music, he helped develop Finland’s sense of place in the world. Finlandia is by far his best-known composition.

Independent Online Edition > MediaIndependent
Whether this has anything to do with Michael Grade’s arrival at ITV – as has been suggested – I doubt, but it was of course Grade who was involved in first hiring Melvyn Bragg before he launched the show back in 1978. The South Bank Show is now ITV’s third-longest-running programme after Coronation Street and Emmerdale, and it remains one of the crown jewels of the network. And its 30th anniversary line-up, which was announced last week, promises a typically eclectic mix, including the film director Tim Burton, the thriller writer Ken Follett and the Eurovision songwriter wannabe Morrissey.

Trivial pursuits | Columnists | Guardian UnlimitedGuardian Unlimited
One in four Britons ranked the American illusionist as the top flop for his starvation stunt, above the ousted Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith (15%) and the Eurovision duo Jemini (13%) in a poll for McCain Foods – report in the Times. Of the making of silly surveys, there is no end. But never before have they swamped us as comprehensively as in the year just concluded, when the torrent of nonsense broke its banks and cascaded all over the media. Some of that was inspired by the new thirst for inclusiveness, based on the view that if people are offered the chance to participate, they are going to feel involved and valued. The BBC’s relentless drive for participation now extends even to Radio 3, which rarely loses a chance to solicit listeners’ opinions, though its most spectacular essay this year was The Big Read, in which JRR Tolkien came top.

Sweden | Weekend | Guardian UnlimitedGuardian Unlimited
If someone forgets a wallet or a phone in a public place, no one will take it. They will leave it there so the owner can come back for it. “Most importantly, expats need to develop a passion for the Eurovision song contest. “They are strangely obsessed with it here,” says Larsson. “From April to June, all you hear on the radio is songs from the regional heats and from past Eurovisions. It’s taken deadly seriously: when Lordi won last year, my mother-in-law was horrified. She said it was making a mockery of the whole thing.

Simon Hoggart’s sketch | Columnists | Guardian UnlimitedGuardian Unlimited
He resembles, as I have said before, an ancient Galapagos turtle, older than time itself, five times the age of those who come to gawp at him. Peter Hain, the Ulster secretary, said that last week’s St Andrews agreement was “a pivotal moment in Irish history”. (What, like the Sack of Drogheda, the Easter Rising, or Dana’s victory in the Eurovision song contest?)At roughly the same time Dr Paisley was helping to foment 38 years of troubles, Peter Hain was a Young Liberal, demonstrating against South African sporting tours. Now he too is white-haired, sharply suited, with magnificent offices, an important part of the establishment he once vigorously scorned. And on November 24, it may be that Dr Paisley will be lifted from the beach, possibly by a canvas belt hanging from a crane, and levered gently into a similarly splendid suite. Various MPs stood up and praised the deal, though they all had niggling anxieties. “Peace, justice, democracy and equality” – Mr Hain’s aspirations – were all very well, but what was going to happen about water rates? Eh? And while we’re at it, selection in schools? And what good would devolution be if nobody restored the car ferry from Scotland?Then, with great difficulty, the mighty turtle got onto his back flippers He began quietly, but this is always misleading; within 30 seconds he’d hit the full Rolling-Stones-at-Wembley decibel count.

Bristol’s brave fightback has them dancing in
In a former life, this blunt Londoner helped to develop the Latvian national team, and for all his accomplishments in the West Country since, his reputation has remained big in the Baltic. “They would have been watching,” confirmed Johnson, once a guest of honour when Latvia hosted the Eurovision Song Contest. “I have already had a few calls. The FA Cup would have been shown on television, but they monitor our progress closely on the internet. It’s lovely – five of them dancing in the streets of Riga on Saturday night. “Nearer home, the repercussions of Bristol’s revival from two goals down against Premiership opponents were felt more acutely.

Planet Bollywood – India – Asia – World – Travel – Age
The working title of the film, I wasto learn, was Namaste London and we were to play patrons of aBritish nightclub. After two months of yielding to modest dresscodes and Hindi virtue, I felt exposed. Thankfully, the other extras were dressed just as badly (andscantily) as me – think Eurovision Song Contest. Rugged DutchmanHans looked particularly fetching in his crocheted, sleevelessmidriff top decorated with a Mercedes logo. But feelings ofself-consciousness surrendered to the promise of notoriety and wecontinued on. Hair and makeup was next. Several cans of hairspray and too muchblue eye shadow later, the cameras were ready to roll.

Making Good Use Of Efficient FinnsSt Petersburg Times, Russia
One way to make this possible is through sales of traditional, quality local products. In evidence at the fair were many Finnish stands with beverages, food and souvenirs. Another way is through hosting global events like the Eurovision Song Contest in May or the Tall Ships Race in Kotka in July. Growth rates for tourism in northwest Russia are similar to those of Northern Europe and this is where the Finnish experience can serve as a useful example. Petersburg was much better represented this year than at Matka 2006. Its stand, organized by the Committee for Investments and Strategic Projects of City Government, had already appropriated a more central location compared to the ?forgotten? corner of the hall it once occupied.

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