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* Dervish to perform Eurovision entry
* RTÉ Announces Four Eurosong Finalists
* MSFE 2007, six outstanding performances
* The Oxford Student – Official Student Newspaper
* West Bank gays more at home in Israel West Bank gays find social life…
* Wogan receives home city honour
* INSPECTORS GIVEN FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Sporting Life | Football Scores,…
* Just another day
* SALUTE THE STAND-IN STAND-OFF: Sporting Life | Football Scores,…

Dervish to perform Eurovision entryIreland Online
A panel of judges, including former Eurovision winner Shay Healy, the managing director of Universal Music Ireland Dave Pennefather, broadcaster Larry Gogan and singer Eleanor Shanley, have whittled down the final four songs from over 200 entries. The four songs will be performed by the six-piece Sligo-based band Dervish on the Late Late Show ? Eurosong 2007 on Friday February 16. The public will then decide which song will represent Ireland at the 52nd Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki in May 2007. Kevin Linehan, entertainment commissioning editor at RTE Television, said: ?We were delighted with the response to the Eurosong competition this year and would like to thank all the songwriters from both home and abroad who entered. ?The standard was particularly high this year and I think the four songs chosen by the judging panel would all make strong Eurovision entries.

RTÉ Announces Four Eurosong
Of course it’s up to the public now to decide which song will represent Ireland in Helsinki in May. ”
All four songs will be performed by Dervish, on The Late Late Show – Eurosong 2007 special on the 16th of February. The show promises to be a Eurovision extravaganza and will include lots of chat and inspiration from previous winners and Eurovision enthusiasts. Voting lines will open (phone and text) after Dervish have performed all four songs. The public will then decide which song will represent Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki in May. -Ends-
Issued: Monday 5 February. Editors Notes:
The order in which the songs will be performed will be randomly chosen on The Late Late Show this Friday 9 February.

The Lions turned a popular terrace chant about player-manager Dennis Wise into the club’s official Cup Final release. But the song takes the tune of fifties’ classic Volare, once a chart release for Dean Martin and also a Eurovision Song Contest entry. Millwall chief executive Ken Brown explained: “We’ve been unable to release it because EMI have the rights to the underlying song and have refused to grant us permission to issue it. “We haven’t given up hope. We’re hopeful they will change their minds but they haven’t done so yet.

MSFE 2007, six outstanding
Television presenter Stephanie Spiteri and singer J Anvil explained the voting procedures, saying that new numbers will be used for Saturday’s televoting and that no jury will be involved. Last year’s winner Fabrizio Faniello performed ‘I Do’ at the beginning of the show, followed by his most recent track ‘Love Me or Leave Me’. He thanked the Maltese public for the continuous support throughout the years, noting that he learned a big lesson from the negative result achieved in last year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Afterwards, six journalists sat down with the six finalists and asked then an array of questions about their music career, their life, and their impression of the Eurovision competition. Just before the performances, comedian Hector Bruno and television presenter Louise Tedesco hosted a short satirical break. The most expected moment came when the singers took the stage one after the other. Kevin Borg, Klinsmann Coleiro, Scar, Olivia Lewis, Pamela and Trilogy performed in front one of the warmest audiences ever attending the event.

The Oxford Student – Official Student NewspaperOxford Student
Just have a look at Finland’s recent triumph in the Eurovision Song Contest. But is not viewing Scandinavia as the home of Abba and bad death metal just another lazy stereotype? The fact is, in bands like Refused, The Hives and The Cardigans, Scandinavia has produced some seminal records, and Norway’s Serena-Maneesh aim to continue this heritage. But be warned — the potential for crossover mainstream success seems remote here. Indeed, the dreaded shoegazing tag could easily apply to Serena-Maneesh, and no doubt many of you by now have already given up on them and put Abba Gold back on.

West Bank gays more at home in Israel West Bank gays find social life…San Francisco Chronicle
The Supreme Court has ruled that gay couples are eligible for spousal and widower benefits. “Nearly all mainstream television dramas in Israel regularly feature gay storylines. When transsexual Dana International won the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest as Israel’s representative, 80 percent of polled Israelis called her ‘an appropriate representative of Israel. ‘ ” At Shushan, gay Israelis and Palestinians mix freely and go home together, although Freddy observes that the broader state of Israeli-Palestinian relations has created tensions that didn’t exist before. “Times have changed,” he said. “These days I feel the hatred between both sides even in the gay community. ” But compared to gay Palestinians who don’t make it to Israel, Freddy and Nawal are among the lucky ones, said Haneen Maikey, coordinator of the Palestinian Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transsexual Project at a Jerusalem gay center.

Wogan receives home city honourBBC News
“We want to thank you for the hours of entertainment you have provided to millions on both sides of the Irish sea,” said Mr Ahern. Wogan’s BBC Radio 2 breakfast show attracts nearly 8m listeners each week. Knighthood

The 68-year-old, who began his career with Irish broadcaster RTE, is also well-known for commentating on the Eurovision Song Contest. Wogan’s chatshow, which ran on BBC One from 1982-92, returned on digital station UKTV Gold last year in which he interviews some of the stars who originally appeared on the programme. In 2005 he received a Knighthood in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list. As a holder of dual citizenship, he is allowed to use the title “Sir”.

INSPECTORS GIVEN FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Sporting Life | Football Scores,…
Livingstone, who said the capital’s bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games will go “down to the wire”, has also cleverly ended any further discussion of his comments, while the inspectors are still here at least, by saying he will issue a new response next week. “I think we are in a stronger position now than when we began,” said Livingstone. Mike Lee, London 2012’s communication’s director, dismissed suggestions that London’s bid could suffer a backlash from the war in Iraq and effectively receive a Eurovision-style ‘nul points’ rating from the commission. Lee said: “It is absolutely clear that this bid is in good shape. We have got momentum. “There is no chance of nul points and in none of those discussions, meetings or events we have had has geopolitics been raised. It is not an issue for this bid.

Just another daySofia Echo
Apart from being a thoroughly intelligent psychology graduate and a fine arts connoisseur, she was also famous for her preference of her own sex. In present day, although not endowed with such talent as Stein, another famous person with the same date of birth is Dana International. For those who think the name sounds familiar, but still cannot remember why: she won the 1998 Eurovision contest with the song Diva. After amazing the jury with her beauty and musical skills, she amazed the general public with the fact that she, Sharon Cohen, was actually ?he?: Yaron Cohen born in Tel Aviv on 2. So once again: what is it with Bulgaria and February 2? Its orign is unclear.

SALUTE THE STAND-IN STAND-OFF: Sporting Life | Football Scores,…
This is an England side which looks set to dominate for years to come with players on the assembly line ready to stack up Grand Slams like Arsenal stack up Premiership wins. It’s so good to see an England side produce a win like they did on Saturday. In the face of fanatical support from 67,500 and carefully-engineered pre-match tension (the Scots arrived on the field five minutes later than England and there were more bad songs that the average Eurovision song contest), they simply blew the Scots away to claim the once-tricky Calcutta Cup with blissful ease. And they were nowhere near at their best. No great stuff from Billy Whizz, a quiet game from the clever Will Greenwood. But with stand-in stand-off Grayson filling his boots (and the injured Wilko’s), the job was done by a side oozing depth and class. Sure, some of the tries were a little ropey.

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