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Andorra prepares for Eurovision 2009!

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– Andorra prepares for Eurovision 2009!
– Displaysense have a Eurovision for their future
– ERT thinks of withdrawing from Junior Eurovision
– Anelia is the second wildcard for Eurovision 2009 selection
– 21.10.08 . Turkish press: ‘Hadise to Eurovision Song Contest 2009’
– Eurovisionary brings you the history of the Eurovision Song Contest
– Slovakia: Televoting to select national winner

Andorra prepares for Eurovision 2009!, Netherlands 
The broadcaster will be participating at the Fira de Andorra La Vella, an annual fair held in Andorra, where they will be showcasing and promoting their forthcoming ventures and projects. This will include the 2009 Eurovision Andorran project and details of their plans. RTVA will be inviting both composers and singers to enter the competition. Singers will be able to send demos with a maximum of 3 songs, and will be required to send in at least one song in Catalan.

Displaysense have a Eurovision for their future
SourceWire (press release), UK 
And in 2008, transformed themselves again with a new website, new products and a new international presence with its two sister sites that service the European and Ireland communities. Displaysense had great success with their UK website which was followed up with the creation of their Ireland website in February 2008 and their new European site.

ERT thinks of withdrawing from Junior Eurovision, Greece 
The reason, apart from the low tv rates of the show and the final positioning of the Greek representers, is also the objection of a contest which involves children. However, since the song was selected for that year, Greece will take part in the forthcoming contest, in Limassol – Cyprus, on November 22nd. Azerbaijan that declared their withrawal from the contest, will have to pay a penalty. Niki Giannoutsou with "Kapia nihta" seems that will be Greece’s last JESC participant.
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Anelia is the second wildcard for Eurovision 2009 selection, Greece 
She will participate directly in the final of "Bulgarian song for Eurovision 2009". Anelia is one of the top names in Bulgarian music industry. She have released 5 albums. Her first massive hit is "Pogledni me v ochite" (a cover of Greeksong). Other popular songs are "Zavinagi"(duet whit Miro from ex-KariZma), "Samo za mig"(Bulgarian song in Eurodance Contest), "Vsichko vodi kym teb", "Obichay me" & "Vse edno mi e".

21.10.08 . Turkish press: ‘Hadise to Eurovision Song Contest 2009’, Belgium 
Hadise isn’t just beautiful and very popular in Turkey. Also the fact that she fluently speaks English and that she can count on her record company EMI Music and sponsors, sounds like music to his ears. Following the example of the Turkish Eurovision Song Contest fans who want Hadise to represent their country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, the General Manager of Turkish broadcaster TRT favours Hadise. More news on the negotiations between TRT and Hadise is expected soon. Update: Hadise’s management has not yet received an official confirmation from Turkish broadcaster TRT about her possible selection. React to this news item.

Eurovisionary brings you the history of the Eurovision Song Contest
EuroVisionary, Denmark 
We believe we will be the only website to offer this particular feature. We have already added the earliest contests and the others will follow in due course. Not only that, but in the months leading up to the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, we will also expand the History section to include some exciting and interesting features. We believe it will be the most extensive History section on the internetNaturally, such a comprehensive feature will take a while to complete, so please bear with us while we do this.   Our aim is to add articles to the History section regularly to give you all the information you need on the event we all love. In the meantime, click the link in the menu bar to see the start of our history section and to read all you need to know about the years 1956 ? 1965.   Source(s): Eurovisionary.

Slovakia: Televoting to select national winner, Netherlands 
"We look forward to this project. Eurovision is prestigious music contest. We are happy, that after 11 years we will participate in this contest again. The viewers of STV will have the opportunity to watch live a large show, which is broadcast in almost all European countries. " says Ms Habanova. She also mentions that due to the small budget of the Slovakian broadcaster, one of the smallest in Europe in fact, they will be participating in the Eurovision Song Contest but not in the other EBU projects.

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