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Azerbaijan begins quest for Eurovision 2009 participant

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– Azerbaijan begins quest for Eurovision 2009 participant
– OGAE Denmark convention – Lonnie “Devantier” Kjer: “Getting a good …
– Question Time: Johnny Vaughan
– Birthdays: Lulu
– Lithuania: Changes in national Eurovision selection
– Deep Zone again in the Eurovision preselection

Azerbaijan begins quest for Eurovision 2009 participant, Netherlands 
com News. Thirty acts took part in the first phase preselection and the results will be announced next week. The head of the ICTV Department of Art and Entertainment, Fizuli Ismayilov, promises another impressive edition of Land of Fire, the country's national final which managed to make waves last year featuring three recent Eurovision Song Contest winners, Sertab, Ruslana and Marija Serifovic as special guests and a spectacular show. The first phase of the Azerbaijani national preselection is now complete with the participation of thirty acts who performed for the special ICTV jury. The process was closed to the local media and the exact number and names of the finalists will be announced next week.
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OGAE Denmark convention – Lonnie “Devantier” Kjer: “Getting a good …
EuroVisionary, Denmark 
com – Everything you need to know about the Eurovision Song Contest – We welcome the 2009 Contest in Moscow. Songwriters, her record company and her manager were fighting and the 17 year old girl was scared away.

Question Time: Johnny Vaughan
Independent, UK 
Who in the industry would you most like to work with?I’d love to work with Des Lynam. He’s so funny and yet cynical with it. And your dream job?To present the Eurovision song contest when Wogan retires. Your ‘Car of the Year 2008 Show’ started last night on Dave. What’s it all about?Top Gear is an outstanding sitcom but it’s nice to have a show about cars, with real people. We’re getting cab drivers to review Rolls-Royces. What would your desert island media be?The Sopranos, the Sunday edition of The New York Times, and the BBC World Service – when I was a nipper I went to jail for about two and a half years, and the radio became a background friend.

Birthdays: Lulu
Times Online, UK 
This has been done so that correct url isgenerated if we are coming from a section or topic –>div#related-article-links p a, div#related-article-links p a:visited {color:#06c;}The career of the Scottish singer Lulu spans five decades. She had herfirst hit single in 1964 with Shout and went on to represent the UK in theEurovision Song Contest in 1969 with the song Boom Bang-a-Bang, which tiedfor first place and topped the charts throughout Europe. She admits that shenever liked the song. Still singing and looking much younger than her yearsshe says: “If you think you are old, you will feel old and I believe youfeel as young as you look. ” Lulu is 60 today. RGTOther birthdaysVioletta Elvin, ballerina, 83; Michael Gallemore, Editor, TheSporting Life, 1988-93, 64; Larry Holmes, boxer, 59; Sir LudovicKennedy, writer and broadcaster, 89; Kenneth Morgan, director,Press Council, 1980-90, 80; Vanni Treves, chairman, Channel 4,1998-2004, 68; Ian Wright, broadcaster and footballer, 45.

Lithuania: Changes in national Eurovision selection, Netherlands 
com News. Jeronimas Milius’ successor will be chosen through a talent show for the best Lithuanian song, Lietuvos dainu dainos. Following Estonia's example who decided to turn Eurolaul (Euro-song) to Eesti Laul (Estonian song), Lithuania will be organising a talent show to choose the best Lithuanian song, this song will be sent to represent the country in the next Eurovision Song Contest. An open call for local artists has been launched in Lithuania, ending next Monday. The participants have to be well established and experienced artists.

Deep Zone again in the Eurovision preselection, Greece 
COM REPORTSDeep Zone who performed for Bulgaria in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest held in Belgrade will support the Bulgarian finals of the competition again. This time, they will not participate with their own song, but will produce some of other artists’ singles, also helping with some musical advices and stage ideas, following their experience gain from the last contest. Deep Zone are supporting the young Bulgarian artists with the brand new project Music Space on.

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