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TVP’s next moves on Eurovision Song Contest

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– TVP’s next moves on Eurovision Song Contest
– Azerbaijan begins quest for Eurovision 2009 participant
– Lys Assia (1956) releases new album
– Hot Leg Uses Protection

TVP’s next moves on Eurovision Song Contest, Greece 
As we have known changes in the EBU rules for the final of Eurosong 2009 partly reflects the Polish public broadcaster’s initial position. However due to lack of time Polish fans ask themselves whether the national final will take place as usual. According to some sources in TVP we should rather expect an artistic entry by a singer or a group chosen internally by TVP, but nobody confirms the news officially. On the other hand, more and more names appear in public speculations on candidates for Moscow 2009.

Azerbaijan begins quest for Eurovision 2009 participant, Netherlands 
com News. Thirty acts took part in the first phase preselection and the results will be announced next week. The head of the ICTV Department of Art and Entertainment, Fizuli Ismayilov, promises another impressive edition of Land of Fire, the country's national final which managed to make waves last year featuring three recent Eurovision Song Contest winners, Sertab, Ruslana and Marija Serifovic as special guests and a spectacular show. The first phase of the Azerbaijani national preselection is now complete with the participation of thirty acts who performed for the special ICTV jury. The process was closed to the local media and the exact number and names of the finalists will be announced next week.

Lys Assia (1956) releases new album, Greece 
“Refrain des Lebens” includes 15 tracks, including brand new versions of the Eurovision winner song in French and German. At the tender age of 82 she still keeps performing and recording!Lys Assia was born in 1926 (her original name is Rosa Mina Schärer). As a young girl she was a dancer, but stood in for a female singer in 1940. In 1956 she was the winner of the very first Eurovision Song Contest, in 1956, in which she sang for Switzerland, her motherland.
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Hot Leg Uses Protection
Idolator, NY 
But either way, it’s been hard not to feel a little embarrassed for Justin Hawkins, who quit the band as a way of maintaining his sobriety, launched a number of ill-conceived musical flops (solo album, World Cup song, failed Eurovision entry), and is now all-but-forgotten in America. Which is why you might approach his new project,. Fear not! Or, at least, only fear for 1:17 of the song “Trojan Guitar,” at which point a ridiculous but wholly appropriate voice snottily parodies Britpop. After a long solo, it goes all-acoustic, with Hawkins deploying every register of his voice, and when the band crashes back in, well, it got me.

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