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Shiri Maimon became 3rd at the MTV EMAs

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– Shiri Maimon became 3rd at the MTV EMAs
– Concert – Lemon Tree Blues
– TVP’s next moves on Eurovision Song Contest
– Finland songs online 3rd December
– Making his ‘Marc’ with Ragús

Shiri Maimon became 3rd at the MTV EMAs, Switzerland 
Yesterday the prestigious MTV European Music Awards’ show was held. Amoung others Europe’s Favourite Act’s prize was given out. As reported earlier, Shiri Maimon (representing Israel in 2005 with Hasheket Shenish’ar) and Dima Bilan (winner of the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest) were among the top 5 competing for the award in the end. During the show in Liverpool, the UK, it was finally revealed that Shiri Maimon achieved the third place in that category, placing before the British star Leona Lewis and the Russian pop-icon Dima Bilan. Europe’s Favourite Act trophy finally went to Emre Aydin from Turkey. Other Eurovision Song Contest releated artists, like Laka, Morandi, Kerli and Sergey Lazarev, were eliminated from the competition at its earlier stages. Shiri Maimon achieved a high 4rth place at the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest held in Kiev, Ukraine.

Concert – Lemon Tree Blues
Moscow News, Russia 
Tickets will go on sale some days before the day of the party. Brainstorm is a successful Lat­vian rock band that became popular internationally in 2000, when they finished third in the Euro­vision Song Contest with the song "My Star. " The interesting thing about the band is that it had been formed 11 years before that – in 1989. As Eurovision is supposed to discover new talents, it seems a bit strange that this talented group was overlooked for so long. So then we all got the op­portunity to get better acquai­nted with Brainstorm's music videos and even see them making successful soundtracks for successful art house movies. Those who are not well acquai­nted to these guys should like them since they bring to mind the cool style of Coldplay and Bob Dylan at the same time.

TVP’s next moves on Eurovision Song Contest, Greece 
As we have known changes in the EBU rules for the final of Eurosong 2009 partly reflects the Polish public broadcaster’s initial position. However due to lack of time Polish fans ask themselves whether the national final will take place as usual. According to some sources in TVP we should rather expect an artistic entry by a singer or a group chosen internally by TVP, but nobody confirms the news officially. On the other hand, more and more names appear in public speculations on candidates for Moscow 2009.

Finland songs online 3rd December, Netherlands 
com News. A compliation CD will be available to purchase in January. The artists competing to represent Finland had until this weekend to submit their songs to the competition. Terhi Norvasto of YLE has reported that they are very happy with the quality of the songs, saying "There is a great variety of different music styles and a good mix of ballads, up-tempo and show numbers in the Finnish selection this year". YLE has also commented on ticket sales for the national final, which they say are going very well.

Making his ‘Marc’ with Ragús
Mayo Advertiser, Ireland 
Now, the Crossmolina native is set to join Ragús as Mayo’s top trad group return to the Royal Theatre to celebrate their tenth anniversary in style with their final show on a whirlwind world tour. Marc Roberts was bitten by the showbiz bug after being chosen to represent Ireland on the international stage, singing in the Eurovision Song Contest before 300 million TV viewers at the Point Theatre in 1997.
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