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Putin Eurovision vote for UK entry

The News Review:

– Putin Eurovision vote for UK entry
– No more Eurovision for me, says Katy
– BHRT opens the 2009 Eurovision selection
– Former Eurovision Song Contest winner, Dana, at Crosby church
– Mistakes in Malta Eurovision show

Putin Eurovision vote for UK entry
The Press Association 
The Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin pledged to vote for the UK entry in next year’s contest – even though, as yet, the song hasn’t even been written and the performer has not been chosen. The composer met with Mr Putin in Russia to discuss bringing credibility back to the competition, which will be hosted by Moscow next year.
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No more Eurovision for me, says Katy, Greece 
com team and friends met with Katy Garbi last night, during the premier night of hers at the Enastron Music Hall. Katy was asked immidiately about any future plans for the Eurovision Song Contest. She said that the contest needs other types of artists, like Sakis, Kalomira and these choices are indeed succesful. She wouldn’t participate in a Eurovision edition with a song other than in Greek lyrics therefore she is not looking for a future participation. She seems to follow the contest closely though and she will not be surprised at all if Athens hosts again the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest.

BHRT opens the 2009 Eurovision selection, Greece 
All famous Bosnian musicians are invited to send songs until that day. On March 1, 2009 you will be able to hear the Bosnian entry for Moscow 2009 for the first time. But the song and the name of the preformer will be known earlier, probably in January or February. special thanks to Ademir Zilic for the news.

Former Eurovision Song Contest winner, Dana, at Crosby church
Crosby Herald, UK 
uk’>Crosby Herald
LINACRE Methodist Mission is getting ready to welcome former Eurovision Song Contest winner Dana. Dana will be providing a varied programme of music, as well as speaking about her life, work and faith. Since winning Eurovision aged 19 with All Kinds Of Everything, she has enjoyed enormous success in a career spanning more than 30 years. She had three top-ten singles and has made numerous domestic and international television appearances. Dana and her family now live inŠIreland but she continues to travel throughout the world, sharing her message and her music. The concert will take place at Linacre Methodist Mission, Linacre Road, Litherland, on Friday, September 26 at 7.

Mistakes in Malta Eurovision show, Netherlands 
com News. The mistake came from an ‘administrative error’ at the telecommunications company, and a new voting window will be added at the beginning of this Saturday’s show. As a result of last weekend's problems, the show this Saturday will start at 20:50 CET and will have a 20 minute voting window at the beginning to allow viewers to vote for their favourite entry from week one. 30 second clips from each performance will be shown to remind the audience of the songs. Grace Borg, Head of A.

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