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Graham Norton replaces Wogan as Eurovision presenter

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– Graham Norton replaces Wogan as Eurovision presenter
– Maria Haukaas Storeng to Eurovision again?
– Exclusive: Juries get 50% stake in Final result!
– AnderMay speak out to
– Eurovision 2009 entry in Catalan says local newspaper
– Matthew Norman: Beware of the Bangalore Express
– Hasta La Vista to 75 Eurovision Hopefuls As Belarus Narrows Down …

Graham Norton replaces Wogan as Eurovision presenter
Earlier this year Wogan who has commentated upon the annual singing competition for 35 years said he was thinking of giving up his role because he was disgusted by of politically-motivated bloc voting. Launched in 1956 the competition has increasingly been hit by accusations of ‘political bloc-voting’ by eastern European countries who have won the contest three times in the last five years. “You have to say that this is no longer a music contest” Wogan said after Russia won this year’s competition in May. “I have to decide whether I want to do this again.

Maria Haukaas Storeng to Eurovision again? Netherlands 
com Maria and Sahlene set for Melodifestivalen Maria Haukaas Storeng to Eurovision again? A day before Swedish broadcaster SVT releases the next batch of confirmed artists for their 2009 Eurovision Song Contest national selection competition Melodifestivalen and a big surprise entrant seems to have been revealed in the Swedish media. Maria Haukaas Storeng who stormed to victory in this year's Norwegian show and took 5th place at the Eurovision Song Contest looks set to enter the competition. She is rumoured to be entering a duet entry with Anna Sahlene the former Estonian Eurovision Song Contest representative and two-time Melodifestivalen participant. Due to her commitments as co-host of Melodi Grand Prix 2009 and reigning competition winner she would not be free to perform in Melodifestivalen until the fourth and final semi final on February 28th leaving some doubt as to whether the rumours can be confirmed. You can read more about Maria's role in MPG.

Exclusive: Juries get 50% stake in Final result! Switzerland 
Today we can exclusively announce that jury and televoters will each have a 50% stake in the outcome of the Final. The proposal made by the Reference Group of the Eurovision Song Contest has already been approved by the European Broadcasting Union’s TV Committee.
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AnderMay speak out to Greece 
com After working with National Finalists ELL*AS at last years National Eurovision final and having composed "Dime" which Beth sang for Spain at Eurovision 2003 AnderMay have finally decided to tryout Eurovision all by themselves. Here Jose Mª Pérez and Amaya Martinez talk exclusively to Oikotimes. com about their passion for Eurovision and their desire that you support them in making their dream of representing Spain in Moscow at Eurovision 2009 a reality. Eurovision isn’t something new. I am guessing it’s something that you enjoy?Amaya and I have lived the contest as spectators since always.

Eurovision 2009 entry in Catalan says local newspaper Greece 
This reaction may come after last year’s experience when many people complained about the externalization of the project. Gisela’s entry was the result of a three band co-production. This year Enric Castellet wants to make something similar to the Anonymous season: people enjoyed the song and supported the band and the project. That year the slogan of the entry was "Tots som Anonymous" (We all are Anonymous).

Matthew Norman: Beware of the Bangalore Express
Independent UK 
This is the Mirror Group’s finest medical splash according to several leading professors of journalism since a late Nineties People effort about an ex-EastEnders actor with an entirely benign lump on his back. Sir Terry traducedOn vaguely similar lines finally comprehension problems afflict the editor of the Mirror’s online publication. "Wogan Axed" and "Terry Dumped As Eurovision Host" were front-page straplines on Friday with links to a report beginning thus: "Sir Terry Wogan has quit as the BBC’s Eurovision Song Contest presenter. A source close to the Radio 2 DJ said ‘It is true that Terry has decided to call it a day. He felt the time was right for a change’.

Hasta La Vista to 75 Eurovision Hopefuls As Belarus Narrows Down …
Manchester Evening News Blog UK 
announced A total of 126 applications were received from artistes and songwriters to take part in the national EuroFest selection for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. TV producer Anastasiya Tihanovich said: “More than 90 singers came through the first round. After three full days of casting by a professional jury BTRC can announce fifteen contestants for its national selection. ” One of the following acts will represent Belarus in Moscow:Alex Patlis (band) The Champions Anna Blagova & Yuriy Vaschuk Petr Elfimov Gunesh Venera Kola (band) Dakota Singerin Dyadya Vanya Litesound feat. Dakota Alexey Crechet Domenika Wind In The Head (band) Victoria Belova During a semi-final on December 15 a jury will pick five contestants for the final.

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