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RTÃ in call for eurovision entries

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– RTÃ in call for eurovision entries
– Israel: ne artist selection for Eurovision 2009
– Local newspapers claim names for 2009 Eurovision

RTÃ in call for eurovision entries Ireland 
RT?is inviting submissions which are based not only on song composition but also on the singer visual presentation and performance details. This following a review of the selection process and taking account of new developments in the Eurovision Song Contest itself. Advertisement The deadline for submission is 2 February next.

Israel: ne artist selection for Eurovision 2009 Netherlands 
com Kdam-Eurovision Israel: ne artist selection for Eurovision 2009 IBA Israel Broadcasting Authorities have confirmed on their official Eurovision website that an internal committee of IBA will select it’s representative to Moscow 2009 and the public will choose a song through a national final Kdam-Eurovision. The selection will be a joint co-operation of IBA Channel ne (the usual Eurovision broadcaster) Radio Reshet Gimel (Hebrew music station – IBA-Voice f Israel who had always worked with close coperation with channel one) and Radio 88FM. For the national final voting IBA decided that 60% from the votes will come from a specialized committee and 40% from popular votes (SMS and Internet). This one artist National Final method has been used quite a few times before. In 2003 (Lior Narkis finished 19th place) 2004 (David Da'or finished 11th in the semi final just missing the final) 2007 (Teapacks finished 24th in the semi final) and in 2008 (Boaz Mauda finished 9th place in the final).

Local newspapers claim names for 2009 Eurovision Greece 
The composer Marian Starcea stated for the newspaper mentioned before that Galina Skoda and Elena Demirgean should represent Moldova this year: “Last year I didn`t agree with the fact of being represented by Geta Burlacu. It`s a pity the our jury is not professional”. Alex Bivol (singer) said that he was impressed by Zdob si Zdub and Natalia Barbu performances in Eurovision and that the one who will represent Moldovan might have a show: “I agree Geta Burlacu is a very good singer but the show totally missed ”. Ion Suruceanu (singer) said that there is no singer in Moldova who could surpass the high results of Natalia Barbu or Zdob si Zdub. Press rumoured that Natalia Gordienco (Moldova 2006) Elite Katalina Rusu Elena Demirgean Cristina Croitoru and Single Point Band are some of the artist that submitted a song for Moldovan Eurovision National. The deadline for submitting songs was December 20.
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