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Azerbaijan to host Eurovision Dance 2009

The News Review:

– Azerbaijan to host Eurovision Dance 2009
– The perfect exit from Iraq: to be voted out
– Violinist Karen Briggs may present Bulgaria at the Eurovision finals
– TRM gets 39 songs for 2009 Eurovision
– Dora Eurovision hopefuls announced tomorrow
– Dulce tries again for Spain
– RTÃ in call for eurovision entries

Azerbaijan to host Eurovision Dance 2009
Azeri Press Agency Azerbaijan 
Kamala Guliyeva?APA. Eurovision Dance Contest will be held next year in Azerbaijan said Minister of Sport and Youth Azad Rahimov APA reports. He said dancers of the European countries would gather in Baku on September 16 2009. The minister said Azerbaijan won a right for hosting the Eurovision Dance 2009 Contest at the tender attended by England and Poland as well. Rahimov said Azerbaijan would also host the World Scientific lympiad and the intellectual game ?Chto? Gde? Kogda??. Viewed – 43 times.
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The perfect exit from Iraq: to be voted out UK 
Not to overlook the environment. And corruption where we are humiliatingly far down the international league tables. And the Eurovision song contest. We are routinely humiliated there too. Whoops we weren’t humiliated in Beijing: something to look forward to in 2012. Yet it will be harder for those for whom humiliation is also an invariable consequence of incompetent conspiracy to explain to their grandchildren how the British army forced itself (again) into that long-suffering country ? a rotting outpost of the Turkish empire for centuries before 1918 ? to impose neo-colonial rule and steal the oil.

Violinist Karen Briggs may present Bulgaria at the Eurovision finals Bulgaria 
This will happen if Bulgarian singer Krassi Avramov qualifies for the finals. Briggs is one of the world’s most popular violinists in the world. She took part in Coolio’s "Gangsta’s Paradise". She’s currently playing with Krassi Avramov whose song qualified for the semi-finals.

TRM gets 39 songs for 2009 Eurovision Greece 
During this period the broadcaster receiving 37 entries out of which two are from foreign composers. At the moment the jury selected by the broadcaster is reviewing the songs to see whether there meet will all the EBU rules set out at the beginning of each year. This year the selection will be split up in two stages the first stage being a period where an appointed Jury made up of composers lyricists producers and singers will listen to the 37 entries. ut of this stage a maximum of 20 songs may be chosen according to what the Jury decides.

Dora Eurovision hopefuls announced tomorrow Netherlands 
com News. National broadcaster HRT will reveal the names that will compete in the semi final and final of Dora 2009. Earlier this year HRT issued an open call for songs from the public and invited some composers to write entries. The open call songs that have qualified for the semi final will be revealed tomorrow at 13. 35 local time on the Turki Show on Radio 2.

Dulce tries again for Spain Netherlands 
com GAE Spain News. Eurovision fans will remember her from her participation in the Spanish Eurovision national final Eurocanción 2000 when she competed with the ballad DÃ?³nde estabas. This year she aims to represent Spain with her Latino beat song Bésame (Kiss Me). In 2000 Serafin Zubiri won the Spansh national final and went on to represent Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm. After her first Eurovision attempt she tried her luck at the 2003 Mediterrenean Song Contest where she represented Spain in Fethiye Turkey.

RTÃ in call for eurovision entries Ireland 
RT?is inviting submissions which are based not only on song composition but also on the singer visual presentation and performance details. This following a review of the selection process and taking account of new developments in the Eurovision Song Contest itself. Advertisement The deadline for submission is 2 February next.

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