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Past British Eurovision entries: Where are they now?

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– Past British Eurovision entries: Where are they now?
– UK: The Eurovision Schlager Party returns for 2009
– Portugal: RTP revamps Eurovision website

Past British Eurovision entries: Where are they now? United Kingdom 
WonVictory gave her flagging career a short term boost but she all but abandoned the industry in the 1970s. Returned to the music scene in the 1980s and enjoyed some success including collaborations with The Smiths. Recently reworked a version of her Eurovision-winning entry Puppet on a String called Puppet’s Got A Brand New String. Sir Cliff Richard 1968. 3rdStill going strong.

UK: The Eurovision Schlager Party returns for 2009 Netherlands 
comne night before UK decides!UK: The Eurovision Schlager Party returns for 2009The UKeurovision & Schlager party have announced their first event of the new year. The monthly parties resume at The Enclave in London on the last Friday of every month and that means the next event takes place just one night before the United Kingdom selects its 2009 Eurovision Song Contest representative!The UK Eurovision Schlager Party will take place in London just 24 hours before the nation decides who will perform an Andrew Lloyd Webber composition at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow. In tribute to the United Kindgom the event will feature a special selection of former UK Eurovision Song Contest entries. In addition the event takes place after the start of the national selections in Norway and Finland and the DJ will be playing some of the first 2009 national selection entries from Scandinavia as well as all the crowd pleasers and popular songs that have made the night such a big success so far. Tickets are available to purchase online now for £10 or a discount £7 with a UKeurovision & Schlager Party discount card available for free at events.
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Portugal: RTP revamps Eurovision website Netherlands 
The new look site features new graphics rules for the show and videos of Portugese representatives who participated at the Eurovision Song Contest in previous years. The new website over the coming weeks will feature a voting procedure to select their candidates for the show more details can be found.

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