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Novelties at the Eurovision

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– Novelties at the Eurovision
– bama ceremony to be beamed to Europe in High Definition TV
– Noa to represent Israel in Eurovision
– Lloyd Webber enlists US songwriter for Eurovision entry
– Tonight the first Eurovision show
– No 463: Music Go Music
– Entertainment news

Novelties at the Eurovision
Blic Serbia 
Forty-three countries have confirmed their participation in the 2009 contest including Slovakia which will return to the contest after 11 years. After several-month-long speculations the European Broadcasting Union has released a list of countries which will take part in the competition in Moscow. Besides San Marino which withdrew from the contest all other countries that competed at last year’s competition in Belgrade will also perform in Russia. Although Letonia and Georgia had originally announced their withdrawal from the contest they eventually decided to return.

bama ceremony to be beamed to Europe in High Definition TV
European broadcasters will be offered full HDTV coverage of the ceremony bama’s speech and motorcade produced from a battery of cameras on location in Washington Eurovision said in a statement. The association said it was setting up record-breaking facilities to cover the inauguration because of “unprecedented demand” from broadcasters. “All over Europe networks are planning special programming to bring this historic day to their viewers live” said Eurovision Americas president Bill Dunlop. “Eurovision is more than trebling the number of circuits it provided for the same event four years ago.

Noa to represent Israel in Eurovision
Ynetnews Israel 
open(url’newWin’urlAtts)}break;}}function setDbLinkCategory(url) {eval(unescape(url));} Israeli singer Achinoam Nini better known by her professional name Noa will be representing. The decision to have Noa represent Israel came after “A Star is Born” (Israeli version of “American Idol”) star Marina Maximillian Blumin announced last minute that she would not take part in the competition.

Lloyd Webber enlists US songwriter for Eurovision entry UK 
Diane Warren the songwriter who un-broke Toni Braxton’s heart and Blamed It n the Rain for Milli Vanilli ? that is er the woman who penned those songs will help Lloyd Webber in the UK’s bid for Eurovision glory. “I hope that a song from Andrew Lloyd Webber and me will spell a change of fortune for the UK at Eurovision” Warren said possibly while draped in the stars and stripes and eating apple pie. “We will write the best song possible for the event and for the artist. “It will be weeks until the UK chooses its Eurovision singer whittling down the finalists on the BBC1 show Your Country Needs You. This weekend Damien Flood became the first act to be booted off the programme. Though Lloyd Webber had the chance to “save” one of the two lowest-polled contestants he chose Charlotte Finlay-Tribe over Flood.

Tonight the first Eurovision show Greece 
30h CET on Andorra Televisió. Webcast available through the link to the left. The first introduction show presents Susanna Georgian performing the song ‘Get a life”. Next week Wednesday January 21 it’s the turn of Mar Capdevilla with “Passió bsessiva”.

No 463: Music Go Music UK 
they’ve got the (glitter) balls to go all-out like ABBAHometown: Los Angeles. The lineup: Gala Bell (vocals) Kamer Maza (keyboards) and Torg (bass). The background: Remember a few years back when you first heard about the Magic Numbers and all the rumours that this new double brother-and-sister act with the rich west coast harmonies was going to make them the 21st-century Mamas & Papas? Remember the crushing disappointment you felt when you finally heard them and realised they were just another plodding indie band with a few breezy vocals on top? Well you’ll be hearing similar rumours soon about Music Go Music and how they capture the shrill epic sound and TT spirit of ABBA EL Eurovision and 1980s US radio-rock and power ballads. nly this time you won’t be deflated when you hear them because they’ve got the (glitter) balls to go all-out and Do It. Their song Light of Love all handclaps stabbing piano chords yearning Scandinavian vocals (complete with “woah-woah-woah-woah-woahs”) and thrillingly cheesy synth and guitar crescendos sounds more like ABBA than ABBA like something left off the Mamma Mia! soundtrack like the Norwegian entry for the 1982 Eurovision song contest. Apparently the LA three-piece are a moonlighting Serious Alt Rock Band who use aliases because they’re reluctant to reveal their true identities and want to project the idea of a fantasy pop concept which suggests we’re in camp trash-aesthetic territory here.
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Entertainment news
Windy City Times IL 
Norton whose TV shows involve nudity and blue humor said that “the show goes on quite late so I plan to do some jokes. ” According to Wikipedia the most notable winning Eurovision artist was ABBA who won the contest for Sweden in 1974 with the song Waterloo.

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