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Jewish-Arab duo faces criticism ahead of songfest

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– Jewish-Arab duo faces criticism ahead of songfest
– Contest hots up for Eurovision
– Eurovision Song Contest Shop

Jewish-Arab duo faces criticism ahead of songfest
The Associated Press –
Israel is sending a Jewish-Arab duo to represent it with a song of peace at Europe's best-known song competition just after one of the bloodiest rounds of Israeli-Palestinian fighting and at a particularly fraught moment for relations between the country's Jews and Arabs. Not surprisingly the choice has sparked criticism and debate with a gravity that couldn’t be further from the Eurovision competition itself a festival of flamboyant pop and unapologetic kitsch which draws some 100 million TV viewers every year. Achinoam Nini a regular on the world music scene known internationally as Noa and Mira Awad a local actress and singer were selected by Israel’s national broadcasting authority. Their selection came a day after Israel launched its Gaza offensive in December to halt rocket fire by Hamas militants. Awad who will be the first Arab ever to represent Israel at the competition was roundly criticized for agreeing to go and became the subject of a petition organized by Israeli Arab artists who said sending her and Nini a veteran peace activist was a deliberate attempt to portray Israel as something it is not. In an interview between rehearsals at Nini’s home the two singers said they would nonetheless appear at the contest slated to be held in Moscow in May.
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Contest hots up for Eurovision
BBC News UK –
Laura-Jane Hunter who lives in Coleraine Belfast man Johnny Brady and Shauna Kavanagh from Londonderry are among six acts vying to represent Ireland on the international stage. Ireland’s Eurovision entry will be selected following a special programme on RTE on Friday 20 February. Shauna Kavanagh is part of the three-girl act M.

Eurovision Song Contest Shop Belgium –
Live at 22:30 CET: Eurosong 2009 final in IrelandIreland selects its entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 tonight. The Irish Eurosong 2009 final will be held in a special edition of The Late Late Show. The finalists are M.

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