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Yet another scandal at Bulgaria’s Eurovision contest

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– Yet another scandal at Bulgaria’s Eurovision contest
– Turkey’s song and dance over Eurovision
– Eurovision Putin put-down

Yet another scandal at Bulgaria’s Eurovision contest
Sofia Echo Bulgaria –
n February 21 2009 Bulgarians had a 15-minute time frame to send their text messages in support of the 12 songs performed live at the National Palace of Culture (NDK) in Sofia. Since 2005 this has been the traditional way of Bulgarian National Television (BNT) which organises the contest for the Bulgarian song at Eurovision finals to settle qualification. At the end of the 15-minute break Avramov was declared the winner with 55. 52 per cent of the vote.

Turkey’s song and dance over Eurovision
Asia Times nline Hong Kong –
Nobody has to like each other. The public should decide who should go to the contest. ” Yener was herself a candidate for Turkey’s 2008 Eurovision position before she wrecked her chances by flipping the paparazzi the “bird”. In terms of success at the contest Turkey has fared better since the introduction of telephone voting rather than panels of handpicked judges in 1997. Telephone voting allowed for the force of the Turkish diaspora in Europe to be felt and in recent years high scores have come from Germany France and the Netherlands where there are significant Turkish minorities. But this power may be somewhat curtailed in 2009 as juries are to be reintroduced following complaints over the fairness of voting by mobile phone text messages. Turkey had its first Eurovision victory in 2003 with Sertab Erener’s Every way that I can.
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Eurovision Putin put-down
The Australian Australia –
Georgia has thrown out the Europop playbook so favoured since the days of Abba in favour of taking a public political swipe at Putin and the Russkies the mob that stomped mercilessly into their country last August to protect that breakaway Georgian region of South ssetia. Its Eurovision entry has a much-loved format: ludicrously bad male rapper performing in front of three cute dancing girls. But it’s rapper Stephane’s cutting-edge lyrics that will have Russia seeing red at the finals to be held in Moscow in May. That is if Georgia wins through the heats. The Georgian entry’s title is We Don’t Wanna Put In. In case that’s proving too subtle for the A+ and A demographic that exhaustive market research reveals the average Wry Side reader to be this is a play on the name of the Russian ex-president now Prime Minister.

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