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Sneak preview of Eurovision 2009 opening act

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– Sneak preview of Eurovision 2009 opening act
– Russians protest ‘insulting’ Georgia Eurovision song
– Sakis Rouvas as Greek representative at Eurovision Song Contest
– In the Spotlight
– Israeli-Arab in Eurovision: ‘HaTikvah Upsets Me’
– Mila to host Eurovision Song Contest
– Where on Earth Does Portugal Think it Will Go in Eurovision With …

Sneak preview of Eurovision 2009 opening act
ruFinal 2009Sneak preview of Eurovision 2009 opening actA sneak preview of the Eurovision 2009 opening act is now available. Russia will be having children perform with the cover versions of several ex-winner of the Eurovision Song Contest!The initial idea belongs to Elena Pindjoyan. Her children will perform the cover version of the famous Eurovision songs that once won the contest. Among these the audience will hear Elena Paparizou Dana international Ruslana Marija Serifovic and of course last winner who brought Eurivision Song Contest to Moscow Dima Bilan. "ur project was discussed seriously with the representative of Channel ne who really like the idea.

Russians protest ‘insulting’ Georgia Eurovision song
Young Russia a pro-Kremlin youth group organised the rally near the closed Georgian Embassy in Moscow against “We Don’t Wanna Put In” which Georgia has chosen as its entry to Eurovision to be held in Moscow in May. “This song does not just insult Putin it insults the whole Russian people” Maxim Mishchenko leader of Young Russia and a member of the Russian parliament said on the sidelines of the protest. “I think that you shouldn’t take a non-political contest and turn it into a political show to insult your opponents” he added.

Sakis Rouvas as Greek representative at Eurovision Song Contest
I have recently talked to Zeljko Joksimovic about the concert plans and I might be a guest at his concert in late March. Zeljko is an excellent musician and I am his big fan. I think this is the right time for that especially after the Eurovision in Moscow. ” says Sakis whose song “This Is ur Night” has already been rated as one of the favorites. “We have to wait until all countries choose their candidates for the Eurovision but this information is quite flattering because people believe that I have great chances to win. f course everybody wants to win it is like the lympic Games all athletes would like to be winners” the Greek singer says. Sakis has been traveling through the Balkans for some time promoting his song.

In the Spotlight
The Moscow Times
Unfortunately none of the songs look to provoke any scandal similar to the Georgian "We Don’t Wanna Put In" palaver. Gushy ballads rule the day. The interest is more in whether the pop heavyweights will win or whether the opportunity will go to a struggling unknown or even — in the most unlikely scenario — to a Dane. In a last-minute decision on Thursday Channel ne added a note of politics by including a singer who first applied to represent Ukraine but was rejected for singing in Russian among other reasons.

Israeli-Arab in Eurovision: ‘HaTikvah Upsets Me’
Arutz Sheva
com) Israel’s representative in the upcoming Eurovision contest is an Arab woman who is “upset” when HaTikvah is played and MK Dr. Michael Ben-Ari (National Union) says she should be replaced. Ben-Ari has written a letter on the matter to the Israel Broadcasting Authority which is responsible for choosing the national representative in the international singing contest. The Eurovision Song Contest is an annual competition held among active member countries of the European Broadcasting Union each year in the country that won the previous year’s contest. It will be held this coming spring in Moscow.
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Mila to host Eurovision Song Contest
Special guests at the Eurovision will be Zeljko Joksimovic and Jovana Jankovic who were the hosting couple at last year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade. Mila Jovovich was born on December 17 1975 in Kiev in Ukraine. Her actual name is Milica Natasa Jovovich. The daughter of Bogdan Jovovich a Serbian doctor and Galina Loginova a Russian stage actress Mila lived in the former Soviet Union up to the age of five and then moved to California.

Where on Earth Does Portugal Think it Will Go in Eurovision With …
Manchester Evening News Blog
And with their parents at home glued to Eurovision it was hard to see any other outcome than a victory for this largely obscure and dated ditty. ne suspects the song which won on Saturday could get a serious pasting at the Eurovision semi-finals in Moscow in May. The winning song is composed by Pedro Marques and Paulo Pereira. Click Below to Watch the Winning Entry.

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