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Georgians pull out of Eurovision over ‘Put in’ jab

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– Georgians pull out of Eurovision over ‘Put in’ jab
– 11.03.09 . RTBF wants to host Eurovision Song Contest 2010
– Azerbaijan Song Set to Win ver Eurovision Fans in Moscow
– Eurovision Betting dds 2009 Suggest The UK And Jade Ewen nly …
– Bulgaria’s Eurovision Performer Hurt by Criticism
– The world’s news in brief

Georgians pull out of Eurovision over ‘Put in’ jab
International Herald Tribune
The statements by members and producers of Stephane and 3G could mark the end of a politically charged dispute over Georgia's entry for the contest being held this year in Russia in May. Less than a year ago in August the two countries fought a short war. But tensions remain high and Putin and Georgia's pro-Western President Mikhail Saakashvili have traded barbs in remarks reported by the media. The selection of Stephane and 3G and its teasing ditty “We Don't Wanna Put In” as Georgia's entry raised eyebrows.

11.03.09 . RTBF wants to host Eurovision Song Contest 2010
In every house there will be somebody who remembers him and votes for ‘that Elvis with his rock-‘n-roll’. I believe we will succeed. It would be fabulous for Belgium to hold the Eurovision Song Contest in the King Baudouin Stadion. I will try to make this possible. Sandra Kim already realised it. So why couldn’t it happen for a second time?”RTBF goes for the victory in Moscow and keeps in mind the consequences: hosting the next Eurovision Song Contest. “n one hand it’s an inconvenience” RTBF boss Jean-Paul Philippot says.

Azerbaijan Song Set to Win ver Eurovision Fans in Moscow
Manchester Evening News Blog
There is also no doubt that this time round the jury has chosen a sound which will surely resonate with audiences from Baku to Paris to Stockholm and it’s a safe bet the Azerbaijan pair are going to put on a performance which will be more than the equal of the song. According to eurovision. tv the decision to create the duet of AySel and Arash was taken by the seven-member jury of the Azerbaijani national final. It was heavily influenced by Arash?s own statements he said he is not only a songwriter and composer but also a successful singer and that is why he would like ?to be on the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest stage and not just back stage. ? Farhad Hajiyev one of Azerbaijan jury members said: ?This idea came to us already at the first audition of Arash?s song His song is about love beautiful and pure and love is always about two people! When in an interview Arash expressed his desire to perform for Azerbaijan we arrived at a firm decision that our country will be represented by this romantic duet. Moreover Arash has some Azerbaijani roots as you may know!?The popular songwriter and singer makes no secret that he has long been interested in the Eurovision Song Contest. In addition one of the decisive factors for him was the offer to sing in duet with AySel.

Eurovision Betting dds 2009 Suggest The UK And Jade Ewen nly …
LBG Betting News
htm’>Eurovision betting markets are becoming more and more popular. Jade Ewen Representing UKThe UK are rated as slight outsiders this year.
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Bulgaria’s Eurovision Performer Hurt by Criticism
I apologize for the pain to everybody who has been affected together with me" Avramov said. ‘ This is a terrible indictment of Bulgarian society and its music industry in particular. Why should they use such mafia tactics against this guy? Jealousy? Bitterness? Revenge? Really the so-called "musicians" of Bulgaria should stop acting like village feudals and leave this man and his relatives alone!.

The world’s news in brief
Irish Times
The investigation into an ultranationalist group known as Ergenekon has rattled financial markets and increased tensions between the government and secularists in the EU- candidate country. Eighty-six people including retired senior officers are already on trial for links to Ergenekon. – (Reuters) Georgia Eurovision entry banned GENEVA – Georgia’s entry for this year’s Eurovision song contest was banned by organisers yesterday because its lyrics seem to poke fun at Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin. Moscow will host the event on May 16th less than a year after Georgia and Russia went to war over two breakaway regions supported by Moscow. The Georgian group Stephane and 3G wanted to sing We Don’t Wanna Put In. But the European Broadcasting Union which organises the event said: “No lyrics speeches gestures of a political or similar nature shall be permitted during the Eurovision song contest. ” – (AP) This article appears in the print edition of the Irish TimesADVERTISEMENT.

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