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Georgia’s Eurovision entry exits over lyric

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– Georgia’s Eurovision entry exits over lyric
– France’s Eurovision version and video of S’il fallait le faire
– Bulgaria Musical Experts Judge New Version of Eurovision Song
– Putin song dropped from Eurovision contest
– Georgians pull out of Eurovision over ‘Put in’ jab
– Cyprus Rally: BP-Ford pre-event notes

Georgia’s Eurovision entry exits over lyric
Hollywood Reporter
n Wednesday the Georgian Public Broadcaster which is in chargeof selecting the country’s entry announced that Stephane & 3Gwould not change the controversial title line in the song “We Don’tWanna Put In” as suggested by the European Broadcasting Union thecontest’s organizer. Earlier this week the EBU warned Georgia that the song which manysaw as an intended pun on the last name of Russia’s prime ministerVladimir Putin should not be performed at the contest citing aclause in the rules stipulating that song lyrics should not containpolitical messages. Levan Kubaneishvili head of the Georgian Public Broadcaster saidin a letter to Eurovision executive director Svante Stockseliusthat his company “disagrees with [EBU’s] decision and considers itgroundless” the Russian wire service RIA Novosti reported. Georgian authorities speculated that EBU’s ruling could have beenprompted by pressure from Moscow but provided no evidence.

France’s Eurovision version and video of S’il fallait le faire
comComments from Bruno BerberesFrance’s Eurovision version and video of S’il fallait le faireThe final Eurovision Song Contest version for the French entry S’il fallait le faire by Patricia Kaas has been released by the French Television Company FR3 and the video is today available through esctoday. com and eurovision. The new version song features several dramatic key changes which FR3 hopes will bring success to the French in the Eurovision Song Contest next May in Moscow for the first time since 1977. Watch the official video clip and Eurovision Song Contest version of S'il fallait le faire here:.
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Bulgaria Musical Experts Judge New Version of Eurovision Song
Photo by Yuliana Nikolova. The new version of the notorious song “Illusion” selected to represent Bulgaria at the “Eurovision 2009” contest finals in Moscow was judged Thursday by some of the country’s esteemed musical experts.

Putin song dropped from Eurovision contest
United Press International
“No lyrics speeches gestures of a political or similar nature shall be permitted” a Eurovision spokesman told the British broadcaster. Georgia was invited to rewrite the lyrics of the song or choose another one to perform. Relations between Russia and Georgia which went to war last year over the region of South ssetia have been tense for several years and Georgia initially declined to participate in this year’s Eurovision competition. The country later changed its stance and said it would compete with a song selected by a public vote and jury the BBC said.

Georgians pull out of Eurovision over ‘Put in’ jab
open(url’newWin’urlAtts)}break;}}function setDbLinkCategory(url) {eval(unescape(url));} A Georgian pop group said Wednesday it would bow out of the Eurovision Song Contest refusing to scrap lyrics punning on Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s name. The statements by members and producers of Stephane and 3G could mark the end of a politically charged dispute over Georgia’s entry for the contest being held this year in Russia in May.

Cyprus Rally: BP-Ford pre-event notes
Rouvas later entertained a capacity 8000crowd at the city’s Palais des Sports after wishing Hirvonen well at therally’s start ceremony there. “Sakis wanted to know all about the switches and controls in the cockpitof the Focus and we joked about how both of us earn our living on a stage– him on the stage of concert venues and me in the special stagesof the WRC” said Hirvonen. “The Eurovision Song Contest has a hugefollowing in Finland so I promised to support him in May’s competition– provided he doesn’t beat my own country! When I saw the welcomehe received from fans at the start I realised just what a huge star he isin this part of the world. “That was a fantastic experience” said Rouvas as he climbed out of theFocus RS WRC. “Mikko told me all about the car and showed me some of itscapabilities. I was amazed at the acceleration there was a real kick inthe back as the power came in and the braking was equally impressive. It’s the first time I have sat inside a World Rally Car.

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