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The Eurovision Song Contest: a minute by minute commentary

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– The Eurovision Song Contest: a minute by minute commentary
– Your 2009 Eurovision favourites so far (8)
– Eurovision dds For Alexander Rybak Suggest He Will Win For Norway
– Freedom Day in black and white
– Georgia’s Eurovision entry exits over lyric
– Introducing the 2009 entries: Greece
– Sakis Rouvas comes to Bulgaria for the “MAD Secret Concerts from …

The Eurovision Song Contest: a minute by minute commentary
And very Eurovision. In erm also a good way. 34: It’s Red Hot Paprika Pants otherwise known as Zdob si Zdub or the Moldovan entry. What is this? Eastern European Ska? Ethno-punk with added grannies? There really is an old lady sitting on stage and oh oh she’s just got up to drum and they’re dancing the lead singer and the old lady and just as I was getting in to it it’s gone. ‘Let’s make love!’ the lead singer shouts.
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Your 2009 Eurovision favourites so far (8)
com poll chartsYour 2009 Eurovision favourites so far (8)All 42 entries in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest 2009 are known. Everytime an entry was selected esctoday. com held a poll asking the readers to evaluate the song and weekly charts are presented to show the most popular entries chosen so far among the readers. How does it work? nce an entry is selected a poll is held with the following six options: I love it I like it It's ok It's nothing special I don't like it and I hate it. The options are transferred to points of the values 3 2 1 -1 -2 and -3 respectively.

Eurovision dds For Alexander Rybak Suggest He Will Win For Norway
LBG Betting News
htm’>Eurovision which takes place in May. The final is held on the 16th May but the Norwegian entrant will have to qualify for the final in the week leading up to the event. Alexander Rybak The Most Likely WinnerThose who want to back Alexander Rybak to win.

Freedom Day in black and white
Times of Malta
"It was an important day for Malta and there was a massive build-up to it" Mr Marshall recalls. As the person responsible for the live transmission of a historic national event he recalls feeling butterflies in his stomach as the importance of the event weighed on him. n the night not even the Eurovision Song Contest broadcast on RaiUno would upstage TVM’s transmission showing then Prime Minister Dom Mintoff and then General Workers’ Union general secretary George Agius carrying flaming torches. f course no Maltese singer contested that year: the country was in its fourth year of a 16-year-long Eurovision sabbatical that started in 1976. The event represented the climax of Mr Mintoff’s dream to turn Malta into a "small Switzerland at the heart of the Mediterranean" that did not depend on military spending for economic survival. It was 20 years earlier in 1959 that Mr Mintoff had spelt out his vision in an article he penned for the New Statesman: "As a nuclear-free zone a free and stable society we would be able to develop quickly into a small Switzerland at the heart of the Mediterranean – a haven of peace where tired tourists come to rest among us without armaments. In commerce we will join up with the Common Market while at the same time we will create commercial ties with our Arab neighbours".

Georgia’s Eurovision entry exits over lyric
Hollywood Reporter
n Wednesday the Georgian Public Broadcaster which is in chargeof selecting the country’s entry announced that Stephane & 3Gwould not change the controversial title line in the song “We Don’tWanna Put In” as suggested by the European Broadcasting Union thecontest’s organizer. Earlier this week the EBU warned Georgia that the song which manysaw as an intended pun on the last name of Russia’s prime ministerVladimir Putin should not be performed at the contest citing aclause in the rules stipulating that song lyrics should not containpolitical messages. Levan Kubaneishvili head of the Georgian Public Broadcaster saidin a letter to Eurovision executive director Svante Stockseliusthat his company “disagrees with [EBU’s] decision and considers itgroundless” the Russian wire service RIA Novosti reported. Georgian authorities speculated that EBU’s ruling could have beenprompted by pressure from Moscow but provided no evidence.

Introducing the 2009 entries: Greece
As a warm-up we introduce one of the entries every day in random order. Part fourteen is dedicated to the entry from Greece. Basic informationPerformer: Sakis Rouvas (Σ?κης Ρουβ?ς) Song: This is our night Language: English Music: Dimitris Kontopoulos (Δημ?τρης Κοντ?πουλος) Lyrics: Craig Porteils Cameron Giles-Webb (Κρα?γκ Π?ρτε?λς Κ?μερον Τζ?ιλς-µn;υ?μπ) Draw: 13th in the second semi final The song This is our night is an up-tempo dance pop song. Through the lyrics the singer tells someone to leave the old behind and start a new life as this is their night: When I look into your eyes It comes as no surprise This is our night fly to the top baby Yes we can do it just wait and see This is our night time for a change baby Get rid of the old take a hold and be free The singerHaving been a member of the Greek National Gymnastics team Sakis Rouvas entered the music business in 1991 with the release of his eponymous debut album.

Sakis Rouvas comes to Bulgaria for the “MAD Secret Concerts from …
News From Greece
Everybody knows that the famous Greek star has had a very good relationship with Philip Kirkorov with whom he has a duet song. Kirkorov has personally undertaken the task to promote “This is our night” before the Eurovision final and according to rumors this song will be this year’s winner.

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