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Moscow Touts Its Work on Eurovision

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– Moscow Touts Its Work on Eurovision
– Norway wins Eurovision Song Contest.
– Changing Dates for the Eurovision 2010
– News Ticker: Sean Penn Radiohead Country Music Hall of Fame …
– Graham Norton pulls off Eurovision debut
– Eurovision Song Contest final seen by 122 millions

Moscow Touts Its Work on Eurovision
The Moscow Times
" "The organizers of the contest in other countries will find it hard to match the standard set in Moscow" Deputy Mayor Valery Vinogradov told a news conference Interfax reported. While even the winner of the event Belarussian-born Norwegian singer Alexander Rybak referred to the flamboyant contest as "the biggest gay parade in the world" Vinogradov described the attempted gay rights protest on the day of the final as "incompatible" with the show. "I would not mix up incompatible things: the Eurovision television contest and attempts to hold a gay parade" said Vinogradov who was in charge of the city’s preparations for the event. About 100000 people visited the limpiisky Sports Complex the site of the contest over the course of the weeklong competition Moscow deputy police chief Vyacheslav Kozlov told Interfax.

Norway wins Eurovision Song Contest.
Cyprus bserver
2009The finals of the 54th Eurovision Song Contest were held in the Russian capital Moscow when the winner was chosen from 42 original entries. Alexander Rybak born in Belarus and representing Norway won the competition with his song called ?Fairytale?. Iceland ranked second with 218 points Azerbaijan third with 207 points and Turkey?s representative Hadise who went on stage as the 18th singer ranked fourth with her song ?Dum Tek Tek? with 177 points. The UK entry Jade Ewen singing an Andrew Lloyd Webber and Diane Warren song came fifth. 22000 people watched the contest in the limpinski Sports Hall.

Changing Dates for the Eurovision 2010
Scandinavia Travel
It would be almost impossible for them to take place simultaneously because many broadcasters are contractually obliged to broadcast both events. Not to speak of the many fans wanting to be at both events. At this point it looks like the Eurovision Song Contest may be moved by one week to either Saturday 15th May 2010 or Saturday 29th May 2010. A Eurovision spokesman said that they will take the date overlap into consideration when deciding on the dates for the 55th.

News Ticker: Sean Penn Radiohead Country Music Hall of Fame …
Rolling Stone
Reba McEntire Alison Krauss Garth Brooks and Michael McDonald performed. Norway was the winning country at this year’s 54th Eurovision Song Contest as Alexander Rybak’s “Fairytale” beat out entrants from Iceland and Azerbaijan.
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Graham Norton pulls off Eurovision debut
Times nline
How could the BBC recast one of the legendary annual broadcasting slots — Terry Wogan plus hip flask being mildly traumatised by the Eurovision Song Contest — with the upstart ingénue Graham Norton?No matter that Norton had volunteered for the job. There were plenty of foolhardy 15-year-old boys in fake moustaches in the trenches in Ypres who volunteered. It didn’t alter the fundamental fact: that the BBC was sending a boy (46-year-old broadcaster) to do the job of a man (comment on lesbian Maltese divas). In the event of course the handover proved so simpatico and seamless it was immediately embarrassing how much everyone had fretted over it. “Yes I know” came Norton’s voice over the opening crowd shots.

Eurovision Song Contest final seen by 122 millions
The show was most popular in Greece Norway Lithuania Estonia Sweden and Denmark who all produced a market share of minimum 68%. In average the total market share was 431%.

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