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Has Eurovision Ruined Your Life – There Must Be Another Way?

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– Has Eurovision Ruined Your Life – There Must Be Another Way?
– European Parliamentary elections: A farce without the fun of …
– Israeli Jewish-Christian duet sings for a vision at Eurovision
– ‘Eurovision’ tops searches charts

Has Eurovision Ruined Your Life – There Must Be Another Way?
Manchester Evening News Blog
manchestereveningnews. manchestereveningnews.

European Parliamentary elections: A farce without the fun of …
nline Journal
With its overriding emphasis on thepredominance of effect and standardization Eurovision represents or reflectsthe thoughtlessness or the content of the thought of a mass-consuming societywhose members take a pleasure in meaningless pleasures and seek eitherconsciously or unconsciously to escape from the burden of individual freedomand social praxis by allowing themselves to be docile and content. As the German philosopher Theodor Adorno brilliantly arguedmore than half a century ago the true power of the popular culture industry isto eliminate critical potentialities and to convert the citizens into acomplacent and passive public but even he underestimated the extent to which agood portion of the public accepts and eagerly identifies with the banality oflow mass culture. European Parliament elections which take place this yearbetween 4 and 7 of June and which are held every five years and represent thelargest transnational direct elections in history rotate in the oppositedirection from Eurovision: colorless and dull they are characterized by lowturnout and voters use them either to punish or protest the policies of theirnational governments. Quite indicative of the way voters use the EuropeanParliament elections marginalized political parties including anti-EuropeanUnion parties usually fare better in European elections than they do innational elections.

Israeli Jewish-Christian duet sings for a vision at Eurovision
Cleveland Indy Media
It’s like the Grammy’s MTV Awards and American Idol rolled into one: Every year European musicians and singers compete for the coveted Eurovision Song Contest granted to the best performing act around Europe. It was this contest that catapulted ABBA to international fame with Waterloo. This year a Jewish-Christian duet will head to Eurovision to represent Israel. The two women — one a Jewish Israeli with roots in Yemen and the United States and the other an Arab Israeli Christian are hoping to sing their hearts out with a message for Middle East peace. A star in her own right — in Israel and on international stages — Achinoam "Noa" Nini was approached by the Eurovision community asking her to sing at the 2009 contest.
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‘Eurovision’ tops searches charts
Irish Times
Ireland’s glory days in the Eurovision may be a thing of the past but the love affair lingers on with both “Eurovision 2009” and “eurovision” among the most searched for terms in Google search last month an increase of over 1000 per cent on April for both terms. Sporting matters also featured large with the Volvo cean race (up 350 per cent) currently enjoying a stopover in Galway and the European golf tour (up 200 per cent) prominent among requests. The Volvo cean race festival lured more than 110000 people to Galway on Saturday while the surge in golf searches can be attributed to users following the stunning success of 22-year-old ffaly amateur Shane Lowry who won the Irish pen following a play-off and has since turned professional. Trekkies also boldly went where others have gone before as searches for “Star Trek” rose 140 per cent amid the release of JJ Abrams movie of the same name which has drawn rave reviews. It’s June there’s – at long last – sun outside and the faint whiff exam stress so it’s no surprise searches for “examinations” have risen 70 per cent over the past month and students are also turning to “examinations.

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