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grandMA systems in control at Eurovision 2009

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– grandMA systems in control at Eurovision 2009
– Politics meet Eurovision
– Eurovision Takes Ku-Band Capacity on Eutelsat W2A Satellite and …

grandMA systems in control at Eurovision 2009
L&Si nline (press release)
m of LED screens plus approximately 700 moving lights. For control of most of the massive.
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Politics meet Eurovision
The National
By all accounts though the 78-year-old former Soviet premier turned in a performance far above the norm in a voice that was “very polished with a great tone to it” according to one (apparently unbribed) guest. But with so many world leaders prepared to blow credibility out of the water by declaring their preferences and in many cases by recording convenient examples it’s not hard to imagine politics eventually devolving to an even more warped equivalent of the Eurovision song contest in which Nico and Silvio croon at each other from opposite sides as the UN sits in Simon Cowell-like judgement (“I’m sorry Kim Jong I just wasn’t feeling We Shall Hold Bayonets More Firmly tonight”). Should you ever find yourself short of a karaoke number in the company of the political elite here are a few tips for requests. Kim Jong-il: According to official (so highly unreliable) sources the North Korean leader has composed six patriotic operas and staged several musicals. But the Dear Leader previously thought to be an implacable enemy of “uproarious western music” caused international astonishment last year by issuing a personal invitation for Eric Clapton to play in Pyongyang. His son’s a fan it seems.

Eurovision Takes Ku-Band Capacity on Eutelsat W2A Satellite and …
PR Newswire (press release)
5: Blog it chicklet ends here –> Eurovision Takes Ku-Band Capacity on Eutelsat W2A Satellite and Books First Permanent C-Band Capacity for Africa Coverage. Eurovision the premier distributor of sports and news content for theworld’s top broadcast and media platforms will incorporate the new capacityin its global network to provide variable bandwidth capabilities including HDand the highest quality multichannel audio. “Eurovision has over 50 years of experience in putting live sports andnews programming exactly where broadcasters and federations want it in aseamless reliable and cost-effective way. We are delighted to extend ouragreement with Eutelsat for this vital leg in our worldwide video network. Eutelsat consistently deliver us highly reliable and secure services whichare critical for our operations” said Stefan Kuerten Director of Eurovisionperations. Using Ku-band capacity with pan-European coverage Eurovision has decidedto consolidate the European part of its network at two Eutelsat locations: at10 degrees East using its newly-leased capacity on W2A and at the historical7 degrees East position occupied by Eutelsat’s W3A satellite.

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