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Blistering Records signs The Poodles

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– Blistering Records signs The Poodles
– Eurovision Takes Ku-Band Capacity on Eutelsat W2A Satellite and …
– Switzerland: Internal selection for Eurovision 2010
– Electric River – Radio No Go [Album]
РSweden: Jill Johnsson Andr̬s Esteche and more at Stockholm Pride
– Politics meet Eurovision
– Iraq’s oil auction like ‘Eurovision Song Contest’

Blistering Records signs The Poodles
The Gauntlet
Founded in late 2005 things moved rapidly for The Poodles with the band entering the Swedish leg of the Eurovision Song Contest which led to the big breakthrough in their native country. The debut album “Metal Will Stand Tall” climbed to the top of the Swedish charts. The first single “Night of Passion” went gold after only three weeks and platinum not long after. The band played over 100 shows in Sweden before heading out on a European tour with HAMMERFALL and KRKUS that took them through 31 dates and 18 countries. The sophomore album “Sweet Trade” was released in late 2007 with the second single “Streets of Fire” becoming the band’s biggest seller to date by going double platinum.

Eurovision Takes Ku-Band Capacity on Eutelsat W2A Satellite and …
PR Newswire (press release)
5: Blog it chicklet ends here –> Eurovision Takes Ku-Band Capacity on Eutelsat W2A Satellite and Books First Permanent C-Band Capacity for Africa Coverage. Eurovision the premier distributor of sports and news content for theworld’s top broadcast and media platforms will incorporate the new capacityin its global network to provide variable bandwidth capabilities including HDand the highest quality multichannel audio. “Eurovision has over 50 years of experience in putting live sports andnews programming exactly where broadcasters and federations want it in aseamless reliable and cost-effective way. We are delighted to extend ouragreement with Eutelsat for this vital leg in our worldwide video network. Eutelsat consistently deliver us highly reliable and secure services whichare critical for our operations” said Stefan Kuerten Director of Eurovisionperations. Using Ku-band capacity with pan-European coverage Eurovision has decidedto consolidate the European part of its network at two Eutelsat locations: at10 degrees East using its newly-leased capacity on W2A and at the historical7 degrees East position occupied by Eutelsat’s W3A satellite.

Switzerland: Internal selection for Eurovision 2010
Switzerland are looking for songs of "an international standard. " There will be public invitation to submit entries as well as the broadcasters inviting artists from the music industry to participate. The search for songs may extend across other media such as internet and radio. Proposals must be submitted by the 22nd of ctober 2009 at the latest.

Electric River – Radio No Go [Album]
Electric River wear their influences on their sleeves as shown in the lyric "Pirates of the waves and the audio braves keep it raw keep it loud". The album continues in the same awesome way it started with track 5 ‘n Another Day’. The speed of the record is slowed down and the style becomes reminiscent of Norweigan rockers (and one time Eurovision hopefuls) Wig Wam. Another stand out track is song 7 ‘Never Escape’ this song deserves a mention due to its almost piratical central riff. The lyrics display a complex social commentary as can be seen in the following – "From a Hackney council estate to the cocaine toffs.

Sweden: Jill Johnsson Andrès Esteche and more at Stockholm Pride
Last week we could already reveal Yohanna’s name as one of the artists attending Stockholm Gay Pride this year. Unfortunately there are no other names to reveal as far as the Eurovision evening is concerned. But there are some Melodifestivalen artists participating in other events in the pride week. n Wednesday evening Jill Johnsson will join in on a Dusty Springfield tribute project in Pride park. n Friday evening 90’s night you can see E-type and Pandora among others and on Saturday evening Andrès Esteche will be one of the attending artists. More names are going to be made public later on we’ll keep you informed if any more Eurovision related names are among them.
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Politics meet Eurovision
The National
By all accounts though the 78-year-old former Soviet premier turned in a performance far above the norm in a voice that was “very polished with a great tone to it” according to one (apparently unbribed) guest. But with so many world leaders prepared to blow credibility out of the water by declaring their preferences and in many cases by recording convenient examples it’s not hard to imagine politics eventually devolving to an even more warped equivalent of the Eurovision song contest in which Nico and Silvio croon at each other from opposite sides as the UN sits in Simon Cowell-like judgement (“I’m sorry Kim Jong I just wasn’t feeling We Shall Hold Bayonets More Firmly tonight”). Should you ever find yourself short of a karaoke number in the company of the political elite here are a few tips for requests. Kim Jong-il: According to official (so highly unreliable) sources the North Korean leader has composed six patriotic operas and staged several musicals. But the Dear Leader previously thought to be an implacable enemy of “uproarious western music” caused international astonishment last year by issuing a personal invitation for Eric Clapton to play in Pyongyang. His son’s a fan it seems.

Iraq’s oil auction like ‘Eurovision Song Contest’
il companies are dreading getting nil points. il companies are dreading getting nil points.

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