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‘(500) Days of Summer’; ‘Homecoming’; Daughtry

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– ‘(500) Days of Summer’; ‘Homecoming’; Daughtry
– Want Jor of Katie’s music?
– Lara Fabian : “It’s magical and dangerous at the same time”
– Jordan to take another crack at music career
– Russian bestseller magazine makes gross mistake related to …
– Manoeuvre wants Cindy Sander for France
– Current Situations In Forex

‘(500) Days of Summer’; ‘Homecoming’; Daughtry
Los Angeles Times
(Tuesday)Euro pop fans will want to talk about: the documentary “Sounds Like Teen Spirit”Because they’ll already know that the predecessor to “American Idol” the long-running kitschfest “Eurovision Song Contest” has crowned the likes of ABBA and Celine Dion over the course of its 50-plus-year history. Jamie Jay Johnson’s “Teen Spirit” which plays as part of utfest 2009 tracks four hopefuls as they vie for the the “Junior Eurovision Song Contest” title. Highly recommended if you enjoyed “Spellbound. ” (Today) And speaking of reality shows.
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Want Jor of Katie’s music?
The Sun
05em; line-height: 1. From books and curling tongs to reality shows and horseriding this girl has done it all but can the keen business woman pull off another stint as a singer? Jordan who tried out for Eurovision in 2005 isn’t getting raving reviews from. He said: “h dear I’m getting flashbacks of her dreadful attempt to kill A Whole New World with Peter Andre and would rather have an acid-enema than having to listen to either of them ever again.

Lara Fabian : “It’s magical and dangerous at the same time”
Pasqualini of Platine asks does it mean you are not impressed by her production ?”. “She has a great career I was a big fan of her very first album when I was 17. But I went to Eurovision then left to Canada and couldn’t get to know her better just like for Liane Foly who brought something new to the end of the 80’s in France”. “Kaas went to Eurovision this year would you do it again” the journalist asks. But I understand Patricia Kaas’ decision. It’s magical and dangerous at the same time.

Jordan to take another crack at music career
Ireland nline
Price ? who failed in her bid to represent the UK at the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest ? is keen to be taken seriously as a recording artist so has signed a deal with The utside rganisation who also represent Amy Winehouse and P. Katie ? who was dropped by her previous management company Can Associates following her split from husband Peter Andre ? told a friend: ?I want to do more music projects that?s why I?ve chosen to work with utside. In the past my management have been very UK-focused and utside have a world vision. ?Price and Andre released a duets album in 2006 entitled ?A Whole New World? which peaked at number 20 in the UK charts.

Russian bestseller magazine makes gross mistake related to …
Az has today received a letter from reader Ali Ganiyev which testifies to it. The letter reads: "Tourism &Rest has published a small article Disputable Tatik and Papik (Stepanakert Nagorno-Karabakh) together with the same picture of the Azerbaijani monument that Armenians used in a footage in Eurovision-2009 song contest which also was a gross mistake related to Azerbaijan. The article also describes the Nagorno-Karabakh as an independent state gross violation of international principles. The staff of the magazine need to know that Nagorno-Karabakh is an integral part of Azerbaijan which is proved by the UN General Assembly resolutions. Entire world community based on international law recognizes Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity. It is noticeable that architectural monument “We-our mountains” is located not in Stepanakert but Khankandi Azerbaijan’s original land.

Manoeuvre wants Cindy Sander for France
The man – who is also one of the jurors of the French Pop Idol (Nouvelle Star) – declares that Cindy Sander should be chosen to represent France next year for the Eurovision Song Contest. "To avoid another failure" Manoeuvre suggests : "Lacking in any sense of shame we must send Cindy Sander to Eurovision. We need someone who is afraid of nothing. She has a great sense of melody she proved it with her hit Papillon de lumière. With two dancers around and a glitter ball above she'll be perfect. Let's have a petition on the Internet".

Current Situations In Forex (press release)
ne thing?s for sure this phoney war won?t last. What?s going on in the currency markets? For the first time in ages I?m struggling to find an angle. I?d find it easier writing a piece on True Statements By Gordon Brown or The Cultural Importance f Eurovision. Frankly it?s not happening down Forex Street. You want a view on the Dollar? K are equities going up or down? The Yen? Same answer. The Euro and Sterling? K there?s a bigger ?catastrophe element to the UK but if risk appetite is back on the menu you?d be brave betting against those two. The same goes for the Canadian and Aussie Dollars whose fates are tied to the illusion of recovery and rising.

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