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Talking Shop: A-ha

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– Talking Shop: A-ha
– Czechs withdraw from Eurovision
– Israel: Yardena Arazi making a comeback

Talking Shop: A-ha
BBC News
We should be getting four fans for the price of one. You just have to live with it for long enough. A new Norwegian star Alexander Rybak was born at the Eurovision Song Contest. What do you think of him?Morten: I know the guy quite well he’s very musical upbeat and young at heart. I’m curious to know how well they’re going to look after him as he’s been thrown in at the deep end. With all your experience would you consider being a mentor to him?Morten: I certainly have things I could tell him or anyone new in the game having been around for a quarter of a century. It’s important that someone points out how the media works.
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Czechs withdraw from Eurovision
BBC News
The country which made its debut in 2007 came last with no points in one of the semi-finals in May. Its previous two attempts failed to reach the final with rock band Kabat also coming last in the qualifying round two years ago. Norway’s Alexander Rybak scored a landslide win at this year’s contest. Comic characterA spokesman for Czech Television told the BBC’s Rob Cameron in Prague that poor viewing figures for the show also prompted the decision.

Israel: Yardena Arazi making a comeback
Yardena Arazi was one third of the "Chocolate Menta Mastik" trio which sang for Israel in the 1976 Eurovision Song Contest and ended in the 6th place with "Emor Shalom". Arazi came back to the Eurovision stage in 1979 in Jerusalem as the show's host along with Daniel Pe'er. During the 1980's Yardena Arazi was one the most popular singers in Israel. Arazi competed on her own in the Israeli national final Kdam-Eurovision three times in the 1980's each time ending as a runner up including in 1983 when fra Haza came first.

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