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Usher serenades Eurovision star Jade

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– Usher serenades Eurovision star Jade
– Eurovision Song Contest Shop
– Czechs withdraw from Eurovision

Usher serenades Eurovision star Jade
According to the Daily Star Ewen was filming her new music video for ‘My Man’ in Los Angeles when she bumped into the singer. She reportedly said of meeting Usher: “I was so shocked I didn’t know whether to look at him the ceiling or the floor. “Advertisement “I don’t usually get starstruck but Usher has always been an inspiration to me.
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Eurovision Song Contest Shop
As we reported earlier on Belgovision. com Poland and Greece are interested in the Belgian singer who has started breaking through in Europe. “We have been in contact with Greece regarding Eurovision for more than three years already” Katerine said on MNM radio. “But we have never wanted to push it. We want to give it all a bit more shape in Greece first” the Belgian singer who’s looking forward to her first single release in the country of her Greek father added. “Apparently there are several polls on the internet and the people over there would like to see me representing their country in the Eurovision Song Contest” Katerine said. “Apparently that’s also the case in Poland.

Czechs withdraw from Eurovision
BBC News
The country which made its debut in 2007 came last with no points in one of the semi-finals in May. Its previous two attempts failed to reach the final with rock band Kabat also coming last in the qualifying round two years ago. Norway’s Alexander Rybak scored a landslide win at this year’s contest. Comic characterA spokesman for Czech Television told the BBC’s Rob Cameron in Prague that poor viewing figures for the show also prompted the decision.

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