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Wogan backs Norton at Eurovision

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– Wogan backs Norton at Eurovision
– Repressions against Eurovision votes
– Eurovision Song Contest Shop
– Czechs withdraw from Eurovision
– Showbiz Sam ; THE MAN IN THE KNW
– Eurovision Song Contest Shop
– Johnny Logan unhappy with Irish Eurovision team

Wogan backs Norton at Eurovision
BBC News
The broadcaster told the Radio Times he thought the contest was "a spectacular show without a flaw in it". Norton took over as commentator after Sir Terry stepped down saying the contest’s voting was too political. This year the UK’s entry Jade Ewen came fifth with a win for Norway’s singer and violinist Alexander Rybak. Improved votingSir Terry announced his intention to retire as Eurovision commentator after the 2008 contest in Belgrade where the UK’s entrant Andy Abrahams finished last.

Repressions against Eurovision votes
Information-Analytic Agency
htmlne of the voters Rovshan Nasirli was summoned to MNS regional department. According to him the officers had a list of those voted for Armenian contestants with their addresses and phone numbers. “I was summoned to MNS and urged to write an explanatory note why I voted for Armenia at Eurovision-2009. They said it is important for state security. I was psychologically pressurized and insulted: ?Don’t you have nationality? Why did you vote for Armenia?? they asked and I answered: ?If Azerbaijani MPs go to Armenia why then common citizens cannot vote for favorite song?? Rovshan said. He said that voted for Armenians protesting against Arash’s participation as Azerbaijani contestant. He considers that Armenian song is stylistically better and closer to Azerbaijani ear than Arash’s song.

Eurovision Song Contest Shop
Junior Eurosong 2009 kicks off on 5th September. n 27th August the twelve candidates will be announced. Just like last year Ben Roelants will host the Belgian selections for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2009 that will be held in the Palats Sportu in Kyiv on Saturday 21st November this year. The format of Junior Eurosong 2009 has changed a lot again. Twelve candidates with songs in different music styles have been selected to take part in the live shows. The role of the jury and the competition will be different too. The candidates can still count on the support of a celebrity coach and the host of the show is still the same: Ben Roelants.

Czechs withdraw from Eurovision
BBC News
The country which made its debut in 2007 came last with no points in one of the semi-finals in May. Its previous two attempts failed to reach the final with rock band Kabat also coming last in the qualifying round two years ago. Norway’s Alexander Rybak scored a landslide win at this year’s contest. Comic characterA spokesman for Czech Television told the BBC’s Rob Cameron in Prague that poor viewing figures for the show also prompted the decision.

Showbiz Sam ; THE MAN IN THE KNW
California Chronicle
With 28 points he came fourth out of 16 entries (and reached six in UK charts). He lost out to Danishentry Dansevise performed by Greta and Jorgen Ingmann. Q Can you confirm that I listened to a radio series about the life of Anton Chekov? Michael Munro Paisley A Radio 4 ran a seven-part biographical series in 1990 called Literature Is My Mistress – Medicine My Wife.

Eurovision Song Contest Shop
If you want to see Kate Ryan live and acoustic you get a second chance on Thursday evening at 20:00 CET. Kate Ryan stayed insided the Q-Music Beach House tonight and gave an interview instead. “It will be an album entirely in French” Kate Ryan said about her forthcoming album release. “I like singing in English and French equally much but French suits me a little bit better. ” With her songs in French Kate also scored her biggest hits. “We have remixed older songs again and remixed my own songs. The album will be released in two months.

Johnny Logan unhappy with Irish Eurovision team
He has today spoken out about those behind attempts to bring the Eurovision Song Contest back to Ireland. At the same time he hints that if he is to write another Eurovision Song Contest entry it will once again be for the country he has already claimed three victories for. In an interview with the Irish Times today Johnny Logan who won the Eurovision Song Contest as a singer in 1980 with What's another year 1987 as a singer songwriter with Hold me now and 1992 as a songwriter for Linda Martin's Why me? has spoken about Ireland's chances of winning the competition again. His comments will raise eyebrows at national broadcaster RTE who were believed to be seeking Johnny's songwriting skills earlier this year before announcing a national final to select the country's 2009 Eurovision Song Contest entry.
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