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Oct 26th, 2007


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GreenJolly (Ukrainian: Gryndžoly) is a popular Ukrainian rap band most widely known for their song, Razom Nas Bahato, Nas Ne Podolaty, which became the unofficial anthem of the Ukrainian Orange Revolution in 2004. The literal translation of the song title is “Together there are many of us! We cannot be defeated!”. It deliberately resembles a title of a famous Chilean anti-Pinochet resistance song, “El pueblo unido jamás será vencido” (The people united will never be defeated), composed by Sergio Ortega and first recorded by Quilapayun.

The band originates from the Ivano-Frankivsk region in Western Ukraine, named after the Hutsul Ukrainian word for “sleigh”. In conjunction with various radio stations in the country, the band wrote a rap song to support the masses in their protest against the electoral fraud that took place during the Ukrainian presidential election.

The song became widely known in Ukraine, and was frequently played on many radio and TV stations. The song has been downloaded millions of times on the Internet and has become an instant international hit. GreenJolly won the nomination to represent Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 by the interactive vote held among TV viewers, after Razom Nas Bahato was controversially put in contention as a last minute ‘wild-card’ addition to the final of the national pre-selection competition, which had already gone through fifteen grueling semi-finals, dating back to before the Orange Revolution. This success came as a surprise even for the band performers who in the immediate aftermath vowed to represent Ukraine competitively in the prestigious contest. However, the lyrics of the song have had to be substantially reworked in order to be consistent with the rules laid down by the European Broadcasting Union.

In the finals, which by coincidence were held in Ukraine after Ruslana Lyzhichko’s win in the 2004 contest, GreenJolly finished 20th despite picking up full points from the Polish televote.


Razom nas bahato (International Eurovision version)

* 1. Razom Nas Bahato (International Eurovision version)
* 2. Jest Nas Wielu (by GreenJolly, Ascetoholix, Duze Pe, Mezo, Owal, Piec Dwa Debiec)
* 3. Jedyni (Bit8Beat foundation mix TsL, BRO, SNZ)
* 4. Razom Nas Bahato (International Eurovision version)(video)
* 5. Razom nas bahato (video)
* 6. Jest Nas Wielu (video)

Haj bude tak (Let it Be)

* 1. Dobroho vechora
* 2. Sche mozhna
* 3. Ne vmyraj
* 4. De lita nema
* 5. Vesillja
* 6. Ja ne znaju slova “dosyt'”
* 7. Ukrajina
* 8. Pora
* 9. Okean
* 10. Znovu sam
* 11. Fany
* 12. Haj bude tak
* 13. Taras taman (Bonus Track)
* 14. Hej, Ivan! (Bonus Track)
* 15. Malo meni (Bonus Track)
* 16. Razom nas bahato (Bonus Track)